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How to teach your child to dress yourself?

To start sleduetnauchitsya undress

First of all, children tend to learn not to dress, his clothes asnimat.Already in the year and a half without much help they can take off socks and cap, and remove without problems dvagoda sweater and pants.However, the process of dressing irazdevaniya connected in one piece, so it is not necessary to restrict the baby.Budetluchshe if he gets used to do everything yourself.Do not forget to pohvalitmalysha if he successfully took off his clothes.This will give him an incentive to put on again.

However, adults will have to muster the strength and patience in etotperiod, because the child will be very slow to bother with clothes.There will zhelaniesamostoyatelno put on him a jacket and boots than look like he muchaetsyanad these few minutes.Doing this should not be.The child must uchitsyasamostoyatelnosti in difficult moments to rely on sebya.Roditelskaya need help in the beginning, for example, to turn on socks or unlace litsevuyustoronu intricate laces.

Learn rebenkaodevatsya

not suppress the desire of the child to the initiative.If he tries vsemisilami wear clothes, do not disturb him.However, to require that onvsegda dressed himself, too, not worth it.The task to be performed by the parents - to encourage and guide the intention kid egostaraniya track.So stock up patience and behave calmly.

Do not you dare criticize the baby, much less laugh nadego actions if he can not cope with the clothing.If he netorchat socks shoes, and a cap is not attached on one side, do not disturb him.Vedon he tried, and it is very important.Constantly praising his actions.

Often parents can not stand for a long time, especially when they feel they are late.They start in a hurry to dress the baby, nedavaya him the opportunity to lead the process.To avoid podobnyhsituatsy need to be collected in advance.Allocate your time so that you can easily continue training the baby right odevaniyu.Poprobuyte up half an hour earlier in the morning so as not to rush the child.

If a child refuses to self-dressing, help him.You can put half his socks and ask onsam put them through.

Let your child wears only the clothes that legkosnyat.After a while, even the winter clothes will be easy to him.

Any skill as the ability to dress and undress, formed immediately.And you will be remarkable service to the kid if nenavyazchivokazhdy day will offer him a small "lessons": for example, to pass a poprositmalysha own arms into the sleeves of clothing, correct dress nadetoene through.You can arrange a kind of competition, naprmimer, dress for speed, thereby causing the child to do it again and again.

Make sure to purchase a child sootvetstvuyuschieigrushki that will help him master the art of quick dressing.By nimotnosyatsya dolls, which you can dress and undress.Besides mozhnopriobresti educational benefits, such as games-lacing and all mozhnorasstegivat and buttoning.Plus, it can be soft toys spugovitsami or Velcro.These games help develop motor skills of hands, after a bang chegorebenok will cope with the task.

Do not forget to play with the baby in the game that will accelerate egosposobnosti.Offer him the option: let his legs become locomotive, ashtaniny tunnel in which he should call.He's happy to do it.Dlyadevochek there is an alternative - to organize a fashion show.

most important thing - it is necessary to interest the child to him bylinteresen process.Otherwise you will not get anywhere.Say chtorazreshite child to ride a bicycle if he sdelaetsamostoyatelno.Expressed confidence that the child does.Praise iinogda help him.The main thing - show persistence, but do not be slishkomsurovymi.It is very important that the child felt the love with yourself.

Children love to imitate adults.Lay your things and veschirebenka in a row, and at the same time start to dress.Predlozhiteposorevnovatsya - who first dressed.At first, the child will need your help, because it can not keep up with you.Try not to hurt the child and not stack it with tears.Return it to the game will be difficult.Once you see that the child did resentful view - to change the strategy.

If a kid is stubborn and screaming compromise.Pustrebenok chooses clothes you want to wear.Pre predlozhiteemu few clothing options.

Tell me baby, what order he should wear odezhdu.Vazhno teach a child that he did not have problems in buduschem.Mnogim children is very difficult to remember the order of dressing.You can help -Buy poster, which will be marked every step of dressing clothes and hang in egodetskoy room or in the hallway.There is another and more correct dostupnyyvariant - draw a poster with your child.Find magazines and vyrezhteottuda suitable pictures that symbolize the correct odevanii.Nakleyte them on paper in the correct order.So the child will be easier to remember the process.The child is not confused where before, and where rear, pockets on the clothing label, it kotoryepomogut orientation.If you done correctly, be sure that your child will quickly become independent and adult.