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How to instill in your child a love of purity?

From birth

newborn baby is not yet able to understand what was wanted of him parents.But if in relation to the baby every day to perform certain actions, he has developed a certain habit.For example, you need to spend every day in the morning and evening toilet - to wipe the baby's face with a damp cloth, older children to wash with water from the tap.Ears and nose with a clean cotton flagella eye wipe with a cotton pad that has been soaked in chamomile broth.

srygnul If a kid he needs to wipe the face and immediately change clothes.Do not hold the baby in a wet diaper, when the help they need to be immediately replaced.After 2 months to start planting the baby over a basin or pot.Initially have to sit on it for more than 10 minutes, but somewhere in the 6-month old baby will understand what is required, and much faster can defecate.How can we use less disposable diapers, eg, a doctor or a walk.

When the baby gets older and he will hold a spoon before each meal wash his hands.When you start to intr
oduce solid foods, baby feed better naked, then do not have to wash out clothes from traces of carrot or plum.And after eating to wash the baby and put on clean clothes.

one and a half years ...

When the baby starts walking confidently, he will observe what his parents and begin to copy them.The main thing is not to miss the moment.The child got out a significant portion of the teeth - they can already clean.The stores sell special toothpastes and brushes for children.These beautiful, bright and cause the baby great interest.Buy the set and start in the morning to brush your teeth with your child.When they came with a walk and before eating, show your child how to wash your face and hands.The baby is willing to do, buy it for a bright towel.

kid to imitate their parents.If the mother started to do the cleaning, the child is already near the mother, and he is ready to help her.Do not try to stop these attempts.Parents are often willing to do anything, but the child is not disturbed.They do not realize that making a big mistake.Is difficult to give your child a rag and show him how to dust?Or when washing dishes, let him wash his bright plastic plate?You'll see that the child will be very happy.

Parents often complain that their baby does not want to clean up the toys.Here you can show the trick, let the cleaning turn into a game.Tell your child that his toys, it mushrooms, and you need to collect the basket.Pofantaziruet, there's a lot of options.The child must have a simple duty.The main thing he has to deal with them.For example, it can collect toys, wipe the dust, wash your plate, removed from the washing machine clean linen.The main rule - you need to have patience.

First he'll be to fall from his hands, but eventually he will learn.Do not stop attempts pampering, do not scold him.You can draw all a joke or a game.Is it bad if the kid washing dishes while spinning around and singing?For example, tell him that he is the king of clean utensils and these subjects should be put in a clean look.Do not forget that what you did not teach your child, it will always take with you an example.And this example can be positive, it is in your power.