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How to bring up children without punishment?

How to avoid punishment in the upbringing of their children?

Education without punishment formed of neskolkihprintsipov.

  1. recognition of the uniqueness of the child's desires, feelings and needs.In life, it can only mean one thing.Instead of scolding and yelling at their child for his inappropriate behavior, parents should think, because of what it appeared.To say in simple words, the reason for the bad behavior of the child - his inner discomfort, excitement and experience that good parents must find and eliminate.
  2. Respect the values ​​of the child.When parents recognize the identity of the child, they are, respectively, recognize the presence of his their own values, even if they do not overlap with their own.Parents who love their children, should be interested in the most insignificant things that do not seem to be a trifle they need to understand that children have a right to make mistakes, can have their own opinion on any bill, even if it is wrong.Such an approach will help shape a child'
    s own system of values, teach him to analyze the child can find the errors and correct them.
  3. to improve education without violence, parents have to learn to admit their mistakes and realize that there are no perfect people, and they - not the exception.We'll have to continually review its methods of education, its system and claims that parents apply for the child, to make them certain adjustments for improvement.If the child starts to act up and put forward a protest against your rules - think about how much they hold in a given situation.The child may refuse to play by your rules, due to dissatisfaction with his own interests.
  4. One of the most important and necessary rules, which allows training without punishment - love for her child.It is very important to show your child the love, no matter how old he is, express it through bodily touch - pats, hugs, etc.Love will play a major role in the upbringing of the child.Even in the future, it will be easy to communicate with people around him and find yourself friends.
  5. Set in the family rules.Make a list of rules that must comply with all the family members and try to bring them to the child.Make sure that the list did not arise contradictions to your own words that a child can not interpret.For example, if the child is not allowed to eat sweets a certain time, it is forbidden to all.Sisters, parents, and no matter where - whether at home, the grandmother away.Keep in mind that contradictions will disorient the child, to prevent the formation of self-control, and most importantly to develop his undesirable behavior.He can become a sycophant and strive for a dishonest act.
  6. Set a good example.From the moment of birth until adolescence parents are for their children peculiar authority.That is why you should use this situation to your child and send part of his behavior and knowledge.You will not be able to instill in your child a love of reading, if it is to see you sitting in front of TV, watching a favorite program.You do not teach a child to respect their elders, if they themselves admit the unflattering expressions to the neighbors on the landing and teachers.Your child will never get out of the room and keep the house clean, if you mess around and mess.When a child imitates his parents - is a natural desire.So if you set a goal to raise a child without causing him discomfort, think about what kind of example you are applying the behavior.
  7. should renounce the use of force training and authority.If the parents will behave aggressively towards a child, when he begins to behave inappropriately, for example, pick up toys from other children, tear and throw things, they will achieve the fact that the child begins to avoid all the forces of control and finally come out under the supervision.If the child does not have enough patience, and his mind will not be able to withstand such an attack, it can turn into a man who never showed character and initiative.In any case, the pressure on the child's difficulties will drive the kid that underlie inappropriate behavior, far inside.It will only see the solution of problems.
  8. Observe sequence.Before you raise a child without causing violence, should educate themselves.On the shoulders of parents falls a huge burden.They have to be clear about the system of values, to know all the subtleties and nuances of the educational process, learn to deal with negative emotions, develop and grow in a personal plan with your child.All parents who want to raise a polite and confident child will have to develop a remarkable patience and self-discipline.Only with this approach it is possible to achieve the desired results.

In order to become truly successful education, adostignutye results bear fruit for a long time, pridetsyane to sweat over a joke.It should be every day vystraivatdoveritelnye relationship with your child.Gradually, you will be able priytis child to mutual understanding, learn to understand each other perfectly, to build him a reliable trusting relationship based on bezvozmezdnoylyubvi.