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Prince William and Kate Middleton

dispel all the rumors on November 16 when Bukingemskomdvortse in the presence of hundreds of journalists from around the world the couple announced svoemzhelanii marry.The future bride and groom smiled and did not hide svoegoschastya.On the ring finger of Kate wearing the ring of luxury belogozolota decorated with 18-carat sapphire framed by small brilliantov.Pochti 30 years ago in the same office before the photographic lenses and videokamerstoyala future Princess Diana, showing the world that ring.His vybordragotsennosti Diane commented: "I do not want the biggest and samoekrasivoe."Naturally, there was talk that this gift can bedoun courting his beloved, what William said: "What did my mother, it was wonderful, but now we are talking about the other person and about the fate of the other.Kate all horoshoslozhitsya.My mother is no longer with us, and she can not share our joy and takya want to bring it closer to what we are now going on. "

true gentleman
From early childhood, William began to prepa
re for the upcoming koronatsii.Vrozhdennaya intelligence and charm, inherited from his mother, vsemirnoylyubimitsy Lady Di helped to win people's love.And the influence of strict nospravedlivoy grandmother made him a worthy heir to the British crown.

When William was very young, the inhabitants Bukingemskogodvortsa concluded with reporters kind of agreement under which niktos should not interfere in the life of the prince up to adulthood.But kaktolko William turned 18 hungry media sensationalism to his disappointment not obnaruzhilani odnogokomprometiruyuschego postupka.Tem least tabloids and then prochiliemu wife in the KayliMinoug, the Britney Spears, then Maria Sharapova.And it's not even surprising eslivspomnit William attributed romance Claudia Schiffer, who over printsana 12 years old, married and mother of three children.

With British student Jack Craig William vKenii met in 1998.He stopped in the reserve, which is controlled by otetsdevushki.Since William became as often as possible to visit Kenya, where his father lived periodkanikul Jack.

Patient Kate
Kate with her crystal clear though born a biography, chtobystat princess.Its track record is not loud and skandalnyhvyhodok novels, love stories of broken hearts and public scenes.But before kakmiss Middleton became the bride of the Prince of Wales, its name was known shirokoyobschestvennosti.

fact that parents Kate repeatedly stanovilisgeroyami articles and stories, which share with all of its history uspeha.Semeystvo Middleton does not belong to the British aristocracy father Mayklproiskhodit families from the middle class, and his mother Elizabeth - from miners to survive ugolschikov.Starayasthe economic crisis in 1987 they osnovalikompaniyu mail-order trade for parties Party Pieces, which has been successfully developed in the UK market and made them millionerami.Nesmotrya a prestigious school and friends from high society, until recently vremeniKeyt without problems using public transport, goingnovyminaryadami for the nearest shopping center.Even sophisticated blue dress, the bride chose kotoroebuduschaya for the official picture, in honor of his novogostatusa, retail is 399 pounds.

Before meeting with her prince in the first year universitetadevushka some time met with Rupert Finch, a gifted player vkriket.But like a real man after breaking up with Kate, he never nezagovoril about it with reporters.And Kate did not stir up the past in a hurry, enjoying its current relations.

In general, it is very carefully guarded his privacy otpostoronnih eyes.When in 2009 the paparazzi filmed it with their parents zaigroy tennis, she filed a lawsuit and won.Significant moral kompensatsiiona not required, only 5,000 pounds, but the main condition was a public izvineniezhurnalistov.While there is nothing provocative in the photo and was not, it was otlichnympovodom declare itself as a very serious young lady.British druzhnopodderzhali its position, even the Queen has approved this action.Vedventsenosnaya family rarely appears in public, and without trying to krayneyneobhodimosti not to advertise his personal life.Any publication pressevyzyvayut discomfort.

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