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How parents respond appropriately to comments from teachers?

If parents understand what is happening within the walls of uchebnogozavedeniya going on with their child, and not with them, they will not be so boleznennoreagirovat, aggravating the injury of the child.All that can help your rebenkuroditeli, it's to listen to it and learn to forgive, to negotiate, otstaivatsvoe opinion.Record Entries should be seen as a cry for help ilipozhelanie teacher.But in this case, parents should not rush into extremes -stanovitsya the side of the child or to the side of the teacher.

Mom and Dad nastorone child

teenager needs and interest podderzhkeroditeley.Interest is best manifested in the confidential conversation.Isovershenno not required each time to intervene in his case with the teacher.Idealnoyshkoly you'll never find, because it simply does not exist, naydetsyachto always something that you do not like - a strict teacher, a lot of jobs, neudobnyeparty, heavy exercise, stupid children.

If you go on about his hurt child, you can change vrezultate class and t

he teacher, and the school and, sometimes neskolkoshkol.It is better to try to teach your child to cope with difficulties vobschenii own.If you are asked, analyze the situation, podumaytevmeste, where you can speak or act differently.Talking with your child nekritikuyte it, share their experiences, talk softly and patiently.

Remember that if you accept unquestioningly storonurebenka and believe only he, most likely, the truth of it you recognized.Never speak ill of the teacher, show that teachers vyuvazhaete.If you think that your child has been treated unfairly, torazgovarivat with the teacher better without pupils.Explain the problem to the teacher, then listen attentively claim express your opinion.Dolzhenzaschischat Parent and child support, but do it better alone with the teacher.

Parents zanimayutstoronu teacher

Parents generally have to maintain the school, because they gave it svoegorebenka in this school, which means that you have read and agreed to soshkolnymi rules.But there is a risk that if the child will understand that vyvsegda maintain adult, he will no longer ask for your pomoschyu.Byvayut situations where the intervention of a parent is required to, for example, bullying or bullying on the part of students.Libel on the child if he was in a minority and he is accused of a foreign offense.Finally, the dispute with the teacher when his word against the word of the child there.Rebenokrasskazyvaet what happened, what the teacher tells him that everything was important here drugomu.I whose word would be more significant.The child must be confident that if onne can solve the problem, you're on his side.If you are going to believe him, Tova find happiness, because the next time he asked for help Kwame.Sometimes the child refuses to talk the problem, but simply prositperevesti him to another school.Parents do not always have to be the judge and receiving the decision, but they should always be to help your child in kotoryyokazalsya intractable circumstances for him.

Reconciliation bilaterial

If you are able to negotiate, to apologize, to forgive others islyshat, the conciliation will be a good opportunity prepodatrebenku everyday lesson.The teacher can be wrong, be wrong skazalosnastroenie or fatigue, he was just doing his job.Neither teacher is uninterested in the fact that the conflict lasted a long time.A child should pokazatna the example that you can all find common ground, to yield in a small, zatovyigrat in the main.

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