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How to tie a scarf collar?

simple but at the same time a beautiful scarf-collar can be linked for some evenings.To do this you will need:

  • yarn, the desired color and thickness.It will be only three balls of 100 g each.
  • two spokes.Their size is to choose, based on the style of the future of the scarf.If you want to make it a lush, choose a higher number of spokes, and vice versa.
  • little patience

Choose yarn and depending on her choose spokes.

How to knit a scarf-collar with needles?

method knitted scarf is very simple.This is done by way of "British gum".Whether you knit before or not, you can learn it very quickly.In any case, we tell you what it is we are.

English gum

first imagine how wide you want the scarf.Next, starting from this value, dial the loop.

  1. Remove the edge and start provyazyvat loop.
  2. first row knit according to the scheme: one front loop, the second - Wrong.
  3. Second row: one face further direct nakida, then remove the underside of the loop and not provyazyvaem right needle.
  4. Third row: Knit front with nakida should receive double loop.Her fa
    ce provyazyvaem top.Then do nakida and remove the wrong loop on the right needle.

The scheme of knitting a scarf for gum English-clamp.

Next, knit to the end product under the scheme of the third row.Once you get comfortable with the technique of knitting the British gum, can be safely taken for scarf-collar.

Getting knitting

assume that you have already typed your desired number of loops on a spoke.The first loop is required knit and extreme you will shoot.Then knit the first row: all outdoor shooting with a reflux loop and rear provyazyvaem.

second and all subsequent rows are knitted in another scheme: Remove previously loop with reflux provyazyvaetsya from the back side, and it is necessary to remove the outer casting.So you have to knit all rows, which get about 230. When you reach the end of the loop must be closed.

Walkthrough knitted scarf-collar advice and scheme.

Now you get a beautiful knitted rectangle, which should be folded in half and sew the edge to get a scarf-collar.As you can see, the process is quite complicated and will not take much time.

If you want to knit a scarf-collar lush enough to be a few hours to more dense knitted need a little more time.You can make it in any length, use a variety of techniques and mating patterns.In short, imagination is welcome and will make your scarf original and one of a kind.

How to tie a scarf-collar - videos