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Warm scarf collar hook

Yarn: Baby Softy (Alize) 100% micropolyester, '50 / 115 m
Color: 619
yarn consumption: 230 g
Tools: Hook №4
density knitting basic knitting: horizontal m = 1 Loop 1
cm Size: 30 cm x 40 cm.

Yarn Baby Softy is very soft and gentle.Because it will light and a warm scarf collar associated with their own hands.


How to tie a scarf-collar hook - step by step guide

  1. Recruit 140 stitches and the closing of a circle.This will serve as the basis for the scarf collar.
  2. Make 2 loop air lift and begin to knit as follows.Provyazyvaem aerial loop through one polustolbikami with nakida.E. 1 polustolbik with nakida - 1 air loop - 1 polustolbik with nakida - 1 air loop.So, knit the entire series.You should get 70 to polustolbikov nakida.

  3. 2 air lift loop and repeat mating, only now polustolbik provyazyvaem into the air loop of the previous row, as shown in the video.

    Note: should get checked design.Where the bottom row was polustolbik in this series will air loop.And where was the
    air loop, knit polustolbik with nakida.

  4. All rows are knitted the same way.There should be due 32 series.

  5. At the end of knitting yarn hide grabbing loop products.It should look like, as shown in the photo.

Note: if you increase the number of stitches twice, respectively, will increase the size of the scarf, and they can wrap the neck twice.It does not distress your movements because the scarf is very soft, light and warm.You did not freeze in it, even in cold weather.

simple in execution scarf collar crocheted ready!

This model will approach a woman at any age.If you wish, you can decorate it with a beautiful brooch.

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