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How to choose a school?

1. Recommendation.
Talking about how to choose a school, parents primarily pay attention to the positive recommendations.Reputation school consists of the comments of parents of the children who attend it.So it makes sense to talk as much as possible with a lot of parents, to hear different opinions - both good and bad.So you will have an initial understanding of the pros and cons of the institution.

2. Curriculum.
Another important point for parents who are concerned about how to choose a school, is the organization of educational process.You should know how many days a week in the school is reserved for activities in which the children learn to shift when there are holidays and how they last, how many lessons can be an average day.Sometimes schools are cutting school days, leaving students more output, but at the expense of increasing the number of lessons every day.It is unlikely that such a scheme is appropriate for first-graders.
addition, it is important to know which programs are taught to ch
ildren, whether there are classes with different slopes and are there classes in English and computer science, if it is important for you.

3. Power.

how organized food in school, you need to pay close attention.Most schools have their own dining room and kitchen.Sometimes, a full dining room replaces the buffet where there is nothing but sweets and crisps.This means that the child will have to wear a breakfast with them.If, however, the school has a kitchen, which serves full meals, try to learn about the quality of meals.Well, if you do not only try school meals for yourself, but also will lead to familiarity with it for your child.So you can see whether your baby is hungry at this school, or it will suit the quality of the dishes.

4. Atmosphere.
For Parents first-graders is very important school atmosphere.In some schools it is absolutely not conducive to the acquisition of knowledge, and in the other it is too strict.Look at what the children are engaged in change, supervise them or whether they are left to themselves.Pay attention to the design of school classes.Austere in design school, where young children will learn, is not the best option because the bright colors and visual aids to help children to better perceive the material and comfortable feel.

5. Prodlёnka.

If both parents work in your family, and the child is not yet able to walk alone to the house and open the door, a good solution is to group day care.Unfortunately, this group is not available in all schools.If at that school that you like, there is such a group, it makes sense to choose it.Prodlёnka includes not only childcare, but also control of homework, extra lunch and developmental activities, which is very convenient for working parents.

6. Security.
Modern school pretty well protected, but it is necessary to pay special attention.In some schools, junior and senior classes are enrolled in one shift, and in the same building, which means that security needs to be strengthened.Find out if there are any ways to control visits to the children the lessons, there is a possibility to notify parents that the child went or came out of the school with the help of SMS.

7. Additional exercises.
Usually schools have clubs where children are doing after school.Perhaps this is important to you, so you should find out what clubs have at school, when and how the work with children.Sometimes ordinary school education combined with sports clubs and music or art school, which is very convenient for children who are involved in sports or music, because they do not need a few times a day to go to different schools.

How to choose a school for a future first-grader, not everybody knows.But it's not as difficult as it seems, because today a fairly wide choice of schools: public and private, high schools and grammar schools, regular schools and schools experimental.Not matter what school will be like that, whether the child is ready to learn it, and whether the ability of the kid to school requirements.