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Myths about products

Negative calorie

list of such "magical" products almost always opens celery.Followed by cabbage, lettuce, radishes, zucchini, pumpkin, turnip, rutabaga, eggplant, rhubarb, asparagus, turnips, ginger, leeks and garlic.But look through any table calories and will see that all these products are energy value.What is the evidence that a figure they are not afraid?

If negative calorie - a myth, then nulevayasuschestvuet actually

no calories in water, black and green tea, coffee (no sugar Molokai).Zero calories can be in the soup, if it is properly prigotovlen.Vozmite breast of chicken (turkey), lean meat (beef for roasting) ilirybu and cook soup.Then remove the meat or fish, and pan with bulonompostavte the cold.After a few hours, remove with a slotted spoon congealed fat iprotsedite.Vkustakomu broth give extractives released during cooking, fats and proteins - the sources of calories are almost there.

But do not take the time to sit on the broth diet: meat otvarstimuliruet digestive system, i

ncreasing appetite.Strong bulonyrazdrazhayut nervous system that may lead to insomnia.Oniprotivopokazany in diseases of the kidney, liver, gall bladder, podzheludochnoyzhelezy, stomach and duodenum.

seemingly perfect set of products for weight loss nayden.Na fact, sustain "silo" diet is capable of not every organism vedvse these products have to eat only raw.And they dolzhnysostavlyat staple food: simply adding celery to a normal diet, Chudanov get.A diet of foods with negative calories is good tolkodlya ardent lovers of vegetables and only a short time - a week or two.

bread hurts figure

Most slimming primarily refuse hleba.Sporu not really high-calorie product, and black bread contains more imnogo salt retains water in the body.On the other hand, the bread bogatvitaminami group, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.This is one of the main kazhdodnevnyhpischevyh product which has good capacity and saturating nizkoypriedaemostyu.Today, therefore, the rejection of bread - even in diets for snizheniyavesa nutritionists are not welcome.However, this product rekomenduetsyaogranichivat 100-150 grams per day, and to give priority to grain types and raznovidnostyams bran.

Cucumbers and tomatoes Nepara

But this is just not a myth!There are some vegetables - and ogurtsyschitayutsya leader among them, which contain a special enzyme - askorbinazu, destroys vitamin C. If you make a salad of cucumber and tomato, cucumbers cabbage, cucumber and bell pepper, cucumber and greens, vitaminaS content in this dish is sharply reduced.But nutritionists have learned about this only at the end XXveka.And long before that in the kitchens of most of the world such salads and drugieblyuda, including cucumbers and other vegetables there.And nothing nikakoymassovoy epidemic of scurvy (a disease associated with deficiency askorbinki).Takchto consider this information, but treat it without fanaticism.

Potatoes polezenvsem

starchy, and therefore dramatically increases the level of sugar vkrovi, so that he will not do donuts!The same is true of grapes, bananas, apricots and rice, "cores" and high blood pressure are useful and obese lyudyamprotivopokazany.In cardiovascular diseases, complications completeness otvysheperechislennyh products will have to give.

Dried better sweets

On the one hand, dried apricots, prunes, dried berries (cherry, strawberry) a lot more nutrients: fiber, potassium, magniya.Fruktoza dried fruit is absorbed more slowly than glucose from konditerskihizdely.But if you compare the calorie content of dried fruits and chocolates, it turns out that in the first case, it is not much less.

From pasta netolsteyut

In Italy, the percentage of people overweight teladeystvitelno lower than in other European countries.But this is not due stolkos quality pasta, as the culture and traditions of food.Ratsionitalyantsev called the Mediterranean (many losing weight it is known kaksredizemnomorskaya diet), and is now considered one of the healthiest.In etoystrane eat pasta from durum wheat with added fiber.They are certainly better than average, but not a miracle product, pomogayuschimuderzhivat weight.Overweight people who want to add the pasta in the diet, it is necessary to choose them - do not forget that even the best varieties of pasta imeyutenergeticheskuyu value of about 350 kcal, that is their low-calorie schitatnelzya.Therefore, include pasta on their menus desirable not more than one isolator 10-14 days, so it is necessary to prepare them, as is customary in Italy: nemnogonedovarivaya, adding fresh or stewed vegetables and herbs instead of meat or spodlivoy huge portions of cheese.

Crude oil is the most useful

Nutritionists often talk about the benefits of nerafinirovannogopodsolnechnogo oil and selling occurs mostly refined - pochemutak?In theory, refined oil is really useful, because nemsohranyayutsya polyunsaturated fatty acids, which in the process obrabotkerazrushayutsya.But alas, fields of sunflowers mostly located along the roads, soaking up emissions.That has to refine oil, eliminating the vrednyhprimesey.By the way, oils derived from various plants - sunflower, olive, corn, flax, - have a different composition of fatty acids, so they are irreplaceable, but complement each other.When cooking, it is desirable ispolzovatraznye vegetable oils: alternate them or mix.

diet nizkimglikemicheskim Performance Index

Among the popular slimming power system at kotoroyisklyuchayutsya foods with a high glycemic index (GI).Initially GIproduktov determined under the experimental conditions: the subjects upotreblyalikonkretny product, then they measured the blood sugar and insulin and rezultatamprisvaivali product or that GI.However, later it turned out that indeksprodukta can vary, for example, raw carrots have a low GI, and boiled or steamed it grows.Fruit juices, drunk before a meal, glucose povyshayuturoven more than drunk after a meal, especially after meals, soderzhaschihsvezhie vegetables.Finally, the GOP is not always reflected calorie foods: fatty meats or fish have a low GI with a high calorie content.Svoeyeffektivnostyu diet is largely due to the psychological factors: the ladies nachinayutvnimatelnee relate to food (eating every three to four hours nebolshimiportsiyami) refuse sweets and semi-finished products for the benefit of slozhnyhuglevodov - vegetables, cereals, legumes.