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How to pay attention to your child if you are working?

Immediately you visit different idea chtorebenku do not have enough of your attention.Let's look at the situation through the eyes of rebenka.Ranshe mom played and fed him all day, and now somewhere to go, forcing to go to kindergarten and play sneznakomymi people.If some time ago the baby was in the apartment nastoyaschimhozyainom, now in kindergarten he has to share toys, take into account other people's interesy.Ne each child just gets used to this.

have vasobratnaya situation - implementation of work and household chores.It remains nivremeni or energy to play with the baby.The only thing you mozhete- is to buy him more toys, hoping that now he has something zanyatsya.Kak also break the vicious circle and start to keep up?

most important rule - stop himself vinit.Vash child will thank you for what you have become an example for others, detyamsvoystvenno show off the achievements of their parents.In addition, the movement of karernoylestnitse - is the path to success and a great income.If you b

ecome self blame misrepresented, that a lot of work, once you understand what it's all done.Luchshayashkola, professional tutors, good toys and equipment will vashemurebenku be happier.

your home business - is also an important part of zhizni.Esli you miss cooking dinner or cleaning, the next denpridetsya make twice more likely you are tired and two razabolshe.Be sure to separate work and home, do not take the job Nadom.When you do not have time, talk with the leadership about how to vamumenshili amount of work.As soon as you walk into your home, leave zadvermi all their problems and experiences Do not remove the anger and fatigue naokruzhayuschih.

Times has revealed that the household chores and rabotuotlozhit can not, why can postpone the education of the child?Let vashemezhednevnom chart will be playing with the baby, talk, tales and pleasant vremyapreprovozhdenie.Vy do not get tired of your baby, so at the time and relax.

to explain to a child how to be prohoditzanyatiya, simply make a veselyygrafik.Specify that on Wednesday you will watch together ilikino favorite cartoon that would not have happened.Over the weekend, become walking on the street in such a time, and every day for half an hour or an hour to play with it.The child gradually get used to the fact that everything happens according to plan, you will cease to pester the other days.Obyazatelnopodrobno tell us what you do for work, what are your responsibilities as well as why your work is useful.Let the child understands that you have a very otvetstvennayarabota that benefit and pleasure to people, and at the same time getting used Kvasha work.If you have such an opportunity, take it with you to work, only to explain the rules of conduct.

Do not be fooled by the kid, and the boleene break promises.Sooner or later, it will simply cease to believe you.If you do not want to go to the circus, then so distorted.Otherwise, your bad mood will be transferred to the child.Listen to all that ongovorit.Many people mistakenly claim that the child has no problems, he goes to all the gardens.Believe me, the garden and you for it - the whole world, if you are not going to egoslushat, soon he will stop talking.Ask what his friends who he likes that govorilavospitatelnitsa.Interest not just so, and really to uznatzhizn your baby on all sides.He spent the day away from home and you certainly want him something to tell you.

not replace dialogue with a view televizora.Esli start doing it now, in a few years the child will be very predpochitattelevizor while would not communicate with my mother.Even if you are very silnolyubite child, he can not know about it.Talk often about how vampovelo with clever-daughter or little boy, well done, always praise the child.

If you really want to, you can naladittesnuyu emotional connection, the award of which will be a long love ivzaimoponimanie.