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Vince Vaughn can rightly be called a real nugget.DM family of actors was not the father worked as a sales representative fabrikiigrushek, the mother has achieved impressive success as a real estate agent, and one of the older sisters became a teacher."My grandfather was a farmer, Vince -vspominaet - so I grew up with the knowledge that you need to work hard vnezavisimosti on what exactly you're doing."

first acquaintance with their future profession have happened vdetstve Vaughn.His mother adored the theater and began to drive his son to the children's teatralnyykruzhok where put musicals such as "The Lion King."Little Vince ogromnymudovolstviem worked, but did not connect with his acting profession buduschee.Glavnym matter of life he considered sports - water polo.It was etoyoblasti he wanted to make a career.But everything changed in case.

At seventeen guy had a car accident - bylpassazhirom jeep, which rolled over.Vaughn injured his back, with sportomprishlos goodbye, so he remem
bered his passion for theater.Dobivshisroli in the school setting, Vince realized what exactly he intends to devote svoyuzhizn.

Starring in commercials "Chevrolet" and otprazdnovavvypusknoy evening school, Vince packed his bags and took off for Los Angeles.Man delalvse possible and impossible to get going.He participated in vsevozmozhnyhkastingah.For five years it has taken to get a role in this polnometrazhnomkino.Shooting sports drama "Rudy" Vince brought more than he togdaozhidal: acquaintance with colleague Jon Favreau - actor and future director of "Iron Man."

Together John and Vince made their first steps to stardom.Favrosochinil scenario "party-goers", largely written off with their real zhiznibezrabotnyh actors.And although the film was not a big commercial success, and critics liked zatoochen followers of independent American cinema.Vonsoglasilsya this movie just because he wanted to maintain a close friend idazhe dreamed that becomes a cult movie and significantly advance its kareruaktera.

Towards comedy
Early in his career, Vince Vaughn dabbled in different genres, vosnovnom thrillers and dramas.For example, in "Return to Paradise" he dostalasrol guy to take the most difficult decision of his life, chtobyspasti sentenced to death another.The "target", he velikolepnoizobrazil charming serial killer in "The Cage" with Jennifer Lopez -agent FBI.In the last seven years the actor has participated in only one drama - "Vdikih conditions", trusting Sean Penn as a director.

Why career as an actor took a sharp turn vstoronu comedy?Sam Vaughn explains: "After September 11, I firmly vstalna comedic way.I thought that now is the time to make people laugh humor iposredstvom try to combine them together. "His decision proved boleechem successful.After the "old school" Vince was difficult to stop."Starsky Hutch," "Dodgeball," "Be Cool," "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and finally "Nezvanyegosti" - such an impressive list of comedies just some couple of years!Vonastali rank as tacit association Frat Pack, which in addition to his vhodiliBen Stiller, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Steve Kerrell, Owen and Luke Wilson.Etiaktery in turn maintained their presence films each other.After the "uninvited guest" Vaughn fees have increased several times, and he increasingly began to speak vroli producer of tapes, which was filmed.

And for his latest comedy "The Dilemma," which was published on-screen cinemas, Vaughn "ogreb" a heap of trouble.In the trailer it geroyupotreblyaet the word "gay" is not in the literal sense, but as a synonym for "not cool" .Silnee all against this, according to him, was indignant humiliation dostoinstvagomoseksualistov Elton John.

Personal stories
Vince has always been noticeable Boy with growth of 1 m 96 cm ivneshnosti this handsome attention from the fairer sex he was not offended. "I've always got on well with the girls and had no problems with the fact that with someone topoznakomitsya.I had many friends of the opposite sex, probably pomogtot fact that I grew up surrounded by two older sisters. "The actor never Nestesnyaytes an affair on the set: "It's a matter soboyrazumeyuscheesya.You find yourself in a situation where you need to portray fizicheskuyublizost, affection and vulnerability, and sometimes begin to take all of chistuyumonetu. "

Romance with colleagues, become dostoyaniemobschestvennosti were Vince actress Joey Lauren Adams (the same Alice izkomedii "Chasing Amy," Kevin Smith) and Jennifer Aniston.With the latest romanzarodilsya while filming "The Break-American" (which, by the way, Joey Lauren Adams also participated).Jen while very hard perezhivalarazvod with Brad, her ego was infringed, and self-esteem needed vpooschrenii.Roman Vince literally revived the actress to life.But their Relations with the time yet come to naught, although we can not say that Vaughn did not fight zaEniston: in the tabloids when it was reported that he had cheated on the actress sneizvestnoy blonde, he filed for slanderers to court.Actor pytalsyadokazyvat that he is no longer such a young and nimble, uninteresting trips "left" .But save the relationship with Jennifer and failed.

for a role in "The Break-American" actor nabraldopolnitelnye kilograms.Vince do much "came breadth" of posledniydesyatok years.But now overweight does not interfere with his happiness in his personal zhizni.Dva years ago, Vince met his mate.Kyle Weber - Canadian and agent ponedvizhimosti - younger actor for eight years and did not have nikakogootnosheniya to show business.But she is so captured the heart of Vince that he nezamedlil to propose to her on Valentine's Day, and a year later onisygrali quiet wedding.Now Vince and Kyla expecting first child.And we hope he will fulfill his father chtorol better than all his previous roles.

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