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School assignments for the summer


most teachers complain that now children have very few books to read.They have other, more important things to do - computer games, television, video game consoles, and in the yard to play with his peers want.But the curriculum has not been canceled.It is known that intellectual development is largely dependent on what, how much and how your child is reading.Its world should develop, on the basis of various factors, including using books.Typically, school assignments for the summer and give the teachers themselves.This can be a list of recommended reading for literature.But he was not always interested in the child, because your child may prefer a completely different story.Therefore it is better if you append a list of their own.Dilute boring book fascinating.And do not worry if you do recommend a child to read books about Harry Potter, not instructive creation of the classics.Senior students harder every year, because they need to read and understand the hundreds of volumes.If you know

that in the next school year, your child will have to read "War and Peace", "Anna Karenina" and other long and complex work, even if some of them will read it over the summer.Then, during the school year it will only need to read and remember what he already knows.

complex lessons.

Even those children who learn well and easily, not equally successfully overcome difficulties in different school subjects.Someone good at math, but someone better given literature.Anyway, every child has their favorite and least favorite thing.Unloved items are usually those in which performance suffers.Composing school assignments for the summer, be sure to pay attention to the lessons that are given to your child to work.You may well be able to fill in the problem of knowledge and skills over the summer, which means that the new school year starts much easier, because you do not have to make up for lost time and at the same time to comprehend the new.

It's all in the character?

Some children are difficult to assimilate new, because it does not absorb information at a pace at which it is usually served in the school.Slow and shy children, it is important to pay more attention at home and deal with them separately, even if only in the family.Therefore, for such children to summer school assignments should be made taking into account not only the repetition of the material, but also mastering new.Such a child is better, if the school he is studying something with which already familiar at home.He starts to complete more and thus improve assessment, and a desire to learn.

Little geniuses.

Children who have outstanding ability in a particular area, as difficult as those that are low achievers.Gifted children tend to learn faster than the school curriculum and for their full development constantly requires more and more knowledge.School summer jobs for these children should be made with great care.All proydёnnuyu child will repeat this program very quickly, just as quickly, he learned the basics of what he will study in the new academic year, and you will find that this is not enough.If you do not know how to help a gifted child to acquire new knowledge and skills, hire a tutor or create a child of such partner for the summer, which helped him to develop.For example, themed summer camp - with an English bias, if your child is a polyglot, literature, if he submits hopes in this area or math.So he will be able to realize themselves and learn at the level that suits him.

school assignment for the summer, many children seem unfair duties, because they honestly weaned a year and want to rest, too.It is important to convince the child of the importance of such studies, to show him that little effort will lead to the fact that next year he will be able to learn better, and therefore, the problems will be much less.But try not to overload the child's classes, because children's holiday still need to rest.Find the way of motivation, which affects your child more convincing, and move to the goal gradually.By late summer, every child has a chance to turn from troechnika in honors when to choose the right approach, the program and organize the sessions.And you can make sure that it is not as difficult as it seems.

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