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Calendar diet in March 2014: Lose Weight correctly

arrange fasting days, we recommend 2, 12-13, 15-18,25-26, March 29.These auspicious days fit perfectly.But the 5-6, 10-11, 23marta not necessary to carry out the unloading.This may adversely affect your health, and you will only aggravate your condition.

Now you'll know what to eat in opredelennyyden months to get better and not to throw off excess fat.If you're soblyudatkalendar diet, then at the end of the month you will see an excellent result.Good luck!

March "pohudelki»

March 1 .Not recommended to use roughage, kotorayaperegruzhaet your stomach.Today should eat fresh fruits and vegetables.Preferably they are of local origin.Give up all the fat.You can pobalovatsebya sweetly, but in small quantities.It is not necessary today to play sports, relax on the first day of spring, take a walk in the fresh air.

2-3 March .These days, you must refrain from any vidovmyasa.Also watch out your health!No alcohol or smoking.Esliv especially heavy smokers, it can negatively affect your figure.Vr

ednyeprivychki will harm your health, especially in these days.Eat malenkimiportsiyami calorie food.You need the energy.It is best to opt for sebyadrobny mode.You can pamper yourself with nuts and dried fruits.

4-6 March .Watch your diet.Esliest products, from which can be bad to your stomach, then discard them.Neeksperimentiruyte.Eat more fresh vegetables.It is very useful these days pittravyanye teas and herbal teas.Preferring chamomile tea with Melissa.Tektite play sports, have not yet introduce new exercises svoyuprogrammu.This may bring to the overloading of the body.

7-8 March .If vyhotite maintain their health and do not get better, you should refuse to etotperiod of eggs and meat products.Now the food is too heavy for vashegoorganizma include in your diet berries, fruits and herbal teas.They pomogutvashemu gastrointestinal tract.If you go to a fitness club, then do not force trenirovok.Zaymites meditation or yoga.

9-11 March .Start your morning with a delicious and fragrant porridge.Onapridast your energy and your body will charge for the day.Now you can pozvolitsebe calorie dishes and products.Work out now can not propuskatsvoi training.But without fanaticism Train.You can overestimate svoivozmozhnosti.

12-13 March .It is advisable to include in your menu more vegetables, fruits and cereals.It is recommended to eat seafood.It is best to eat Vetot period prawns and squid.In etotperiod you can afford to eat exotic food, so naslazhdaytes.Otlichnoe time to start doing sports.Try to do aerobikoyili fitness.

14-16 March .We must abandon all drinks, sostavkotoryh are caffeine and alcohol.All of these components will be harmful negativnovliyat your health and figure.Therefore, you should use only the power or subject svezhieprodukty minimal heat treatment.Boil itushite products with a minimum amount of vegetable oil.Better if vybudete use steamer.Do not starve and to arrange long pereryvymezhdu meal.Prefer split meals.

17-18 March .Today we can relax a bit and vkusitzapretny fruit.You can eat high-calorie food, even if it is oily.Harm budetminimalnym.During this time, you can afford a bit of "pollutant."Enter WSS diet different kinds of nuts, they are now very useful for organizma.Stoit a variety of sports, pay attention to stretching.You can sovershitprobezhku, it "wakes up" the body from hibernation.

19-20 March .Your body is very susceptible to vsemproduktam.It's easy to poison.So be careful, see that going away, so it is possible to hurt yourself.Do not eat poultry and other vidymyasa.All products must be fresh.Positively on the body can povliyatmeditatsiya.It is not necessary these days to strain your body physically demanding.

21-22 March .It is not advisable to eat poultry.But otgovyadiny not refuse.It should not be oily, so vybiraytemyaso wisely.Observe your training regime.If you encounter your laziness, it is necessary to drive away.Enough lie on the couch, go to the gym nazanyatie.Levies laziness, or then it will be even more difficult to start the exercise.

23-25 ​​March .Will bring great benefit to the body and just lyubyekislomolochnye dairy products, but refuse meat.It mozhetnegativno affect you and the agent will be "brutal" appetite.Vydolzhny to control myself and not be broken.If you feel hungry, then seshtefrukt.Eat fractionally, and then you will have no problems.

26-27 March .This period is strictly prohibited estmoreprodukty, mushrooms and even meat.Avoid these products.The body mozhetnegativno accept such food.And this figure is bad.Now mozhnoprovesti fasting day.He will take it easy for your body.If you even so practicing fasting days, then give up at this time of fizicheskihnagruzok.Prepare yourself in advance.

28-29 March .It is necessary to include in the diet of different spices that will help you lose weight.It is desirable that among was cardamom spices, peppers, turmeric, etc.In the afternoon be sure to eat a light soup, but he must not be too nourishing.Better if it will be a vegetable broth.You can dobavitmyasa bit, but not greasy.Discard any alcohol during this period.Maximum chtovy can drink this glass of red wine.Useful Now zanyatsyakardiotrenirovkoy and do stretching.

30-31 March .It is dangerous for the body in the last days of the month of overeating.It may adversely affect the entire body and figure.Better not eat up than overeat.Do not overload your stomach, then this will go sideways.Otkazhitesot coffee, because it can jump up pressure.You can pamper sebyavkusnostyami, but not fast food.Eliminate all junk food.Listen ksvoemu body.