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Pros and cons of kindergarten


Perhaps the most important advantage of the kindergarten - that's what it is there the child quickly learn to hold a spoon and eat, get dressed, clean up after themselves, and more, as well as developing and creative abilities - todance, painting or singing.

Another plus is that the child overcome shyness, fear of socializing with other children.And if only one child in the family, then a visit to a kindergarten would do him good, he will understand that the world does not revolve around him.In addition to children, the child learns to communicate with adults - teachers, listening to them.All this in the future will help him adapt better to life.

Another big plus kindergarten that there children are given basic skills of writing, reading and arithmetic.


Firstly, parting with his beloved mother and the child's home to heavy stress.The child may worsen sleep, appetite abyss.Many children get used to the kindergarten.If you do decide to give the baby to kindergarten, let it happen as

soon as possible, as small children are better adapted to the new conditions.

Another disadvantage of the kindergarten is that your child is frequently ill.We must prepare for the fact that the child will get sick often, especially in the first few months, and you have to be on sick leave.Even in kindergarten your child can learn to indecent words.

general with a child who attends kindergarten need to be more affectionate, treated with great care and love.Free kindergarten it is necessary to spend time with your family, walking in nature or doing interesting things at home.Your child should rest from the collective children.

Big minus kindergarten - it is likely to get a bad educator that will brutalize contact with the child, yelling at him and shame at all.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of the kindergarten, to decide whether to give him a child.I hope my tips will help you take the right decision!

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