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How to raise a good parent?

Vospityvatv children need parents since childhood

If you want chtobyvashi children, as adults, failed to find happiness and be horoshimiroditelyami, you have to work hard.The only way mozhnovospitat future parents is to be so.Children like nashezerkalnoe reflection, trying to copy us, but together with good primeramipovedeniya, they can easily remember, and those for which we ourselves prohodiloskrasnet.So if you decide to put in your child's best luchshiekachestva nature, then you will be forced to begin to develop these qualities vsebe.So, what character traits help children in the future to raise their children properly.

First etoterpenie.Nervous, noisy parents never made horoshegovpechatleniya children.Moderate your zeal, let the child sees that mozhnoderzhat emotions under control.Do not waste your time and energy on anger, kotoroenikomu anything else does not help, because the little man with eyes wide open to absorb sebyaetu worldly truth, and in the future, be sure to learn to be patien


sebehoroshih hard to imagine parents who do not love to your baby and do not hesitate vyrazhatsvoi feelings.It is important to teach a child altruism in love when parents do not trebuyutvzamen for their care, do not expect gratitude from children.When love is not involved in the chuvstvesobstvennosti, it is not imposed, does not restrict the freedom of not choking the child, and gives joy and a sense of security, which he then rounded up and svoihdetey.

prozvuchitneskolko Let this lightly, but a healthy sense of humor need to educate children.It will help in communicating sokruzhayuschimi, teach it easier to transfer the trouble.The ability of a good podshutitnad not allow you to lose patience in the most difficult moments, and the child will be interesting to you.

Nepopadayte children under the heel

Do not nedootsenivatintellekt child.Even from an early age children show wonders insight ibukvalno see through their parents, especially their weaknesses.One of the ways samyhvernyh affect the parents, so that they were unconditionally they napovodu - a children's tantrums.Be careful, sometimes children are really not able to curb svoiemotsii, and then they need your help and support, but most often hysterical - etobezotkazny way to get what you want.The usual situation - when a child padaetna floor, screaming, stomping their feet and filled the most bitter tears, and all etotolko to mom or dad bought a favorite toy or sweets shop, or agreed to once again ride on the krasivoyloshadke.Yes, it is hysterical - real show with special effects iglavnym audience in this performance are parents.Do not go on about Udet, and please be patient and try to ignore such vyzyvayuscheepovedenie.The main thing is not to retreat, and when a child learns that this behavior negarantiruet his result and adorable teddy bear will remain napolke lie in store, and it will stop torturing you, and myself.

What kasaetsyapodrostkovyh hysterics, they are at least not fall to the floor, but still shouting islezami appeal to roditelskomuvnimaniyu.If the child does not receive warmth and attention, you should fill this gap in your relationship, novot showy tantrums when a child refuses to take care of a puppy ilivynosit debris should immediately stop.Once he saw that you are ready samiperemyt mountain dishes, but would not listen to the lamentations or resentment teenager, he will use this time.

Roditelipoddayutsya training

Comprehensive lyubovroditeley sometimes obscures their eyes, and they are no longer able to see that their daughter synili longer helpless babies that they grew and gradually prevraschayutsyav full-fledged personality.When the parental desire to protect and preserve WSS strangling embrace a healthy child's desire for freedom and self-expression, onnachinaet resort to extreme metodamvozdeystviya parents.This is the familiar hysterical cries when the behavior podrostkabukvalno parents so that they no longer ignore his opinion.Detivyrabotali lot of techniques to successfully manipulate poluchatto parents and what they want.Sometimes they play the whole performances with shouts, shvyryaniemigrushek, damage of things, and not necessarily their own.When this happens vobschestvennom place in front of strangers, parents are willing to sink into the ground otstyda only child would stop his tantrum, so skoreevsego, they still provide the desired child.

Sometimes children play naprotivorechiyah between parents.And when my mother prohibits child something that tutzhe starts to argue and put forward arguments: "A pope allowed!" That privoditmamu confused and she retreats.But most children do manipuliruyutroditelyami, appealing to a sense of pity.Few who are not touched by the sad detskoelichiko with tears, because the parental heart just melts.Detipritvoryayutsya Sometimes, if they have something hurts, only to pity them.It is very vazhnapozitsiya parents in the event of a real illness, if you immediately start applying kvrachu or treatment, not loaded with presents bolnogorebenka pleasant things, as soon as he complains slight discomfort, the situation smanipulirovaniem in principle does not arise.

Razgovorpo souls

Creek byleffektivnym never solve problems.And if you want it to behave as an educated man in all respects, the suschestvuettolko one way to achieve a result, and it is - a sincere conversation.If a child cries, it is unlikely that his own uspokoitvash cry, on the contrary, the situation has escalated and resheniiproblemy will be forgotten.Yes, rigor is important, and to punish the child zaplohoe behavior should be, because so he knows what to do can be and that nelzya.No limit the activities of educators, only one punishment would be a mistake.At a time when the child visterike, it is unlikely to accept even your most persuasive arguments, but votkogda storm passes, you can try to talk to him about his behavior, explain how you feel at this moment, as you were ashamed of his act inepriyatno.

especially needy in dialogue with the parents of teenagers.Trying to seem older inezavisimymi, they find it hard to admit their own weaknesses and to hide them, they begin to behave, to put it mildly, not properly.It is important not to throw chtobyroditeli with reproaches on delinquent teenager and talked acting in a calm atmosphere.Homilies and many notations fail, podrostokmozhet open only in the conversation as equals.Tell us how you coped sproblemami at his age, advise what to do, but do not scold.

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