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How to choose a tutor

Usually coaches looking for the familiar (to the man was with the recommendations) in special agencies, through advertisements in newspapers or on the Internet.What are the requirements for a tutor?

Firstly, it should be a knowledgeable person.It is useful to check a candidate diploma of education.If the tutor teacher education - a distinct advantage, because it is important not just to know your subject and know how to teach their subject.

Secondly, we need to be learning some recommendations from previous employers or from the agency.Take the time to call on these phones out there - so you will be safer for your child.

And last but not least - the tutor must like you and your child.It must be a nice person, able to communicate and operate confidently in conflict situations.

Before you start exercising, check with the details of his method of learning by what additional textbooks he going to do with your child, what job "on the house" will be set.You should be aware of the additional educational pro

Usually tutors hourly wage, but its size may change depending on the "status" of the tutor or by subject.Among the teachers in the formation of many additional home working teachers and professors, many students.Of course, teachers are more experienced in their field, but they will cost you more, and your requirements may refuse to comply.The students work easier, their needs are small.Tutor-student can put any requirements (for example, "I want my grandmother sat on each session").However, experience from novice tutors little, level of responsibility, too often leaves much to be desired.

Moreover, tutors - not the only way to deal with children's academic progress.

Look to your child: maybe you have an obvious growing humanist?Then the trio of mathematics should not embarrass you too much.Perhaps your child gets tired, or he just did not have enough iodine - health factor directly affects the ability of children.

It so happens that the child is too busy studying in school or family problems (agree that the discord between the parents are not going to benefit student).Therefore, before turning to the tutor, think maybe the reason for the child's underachievement is not underdeveloped.

Perhaps the child does not have enough new experiences, he was too busy studying, tired, hence - underachievement.Maybe we should think about other creative activities (drawing, singing, dancing).But do not overdo it, do not immediately give a poor child in a professional dance class!Even two sessions per week will help the child take the weight, escape, to dream, and it will give the opportunity to relax a little more active and the body.In addition, your child may show creative abilities, which you previously had no idea.

Before looking for a home teacher, think about whether your child needs tutoring?Maybe you yourself should pay more attention to lessons with the child?It is easy to explain the Pythagorean theorem, as well as to learn with your child a few rules of the Russian language.Perhaps your personal interest will be a good incentive for young students, and problems in school is no longer there.

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