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Preparing children for kindergarten

Preparing children for kindergarten - it is responsible.Nowadays it is not easy to determine the kid in kindergarten (because of banal lack of space may take place for several years), and more and it was the one in which you want.But the problems do not end there.You can not just come in and leave the baby in the group.Perhaps the most stressful for a child would be separation from my mother (regular and quite a long time).As well as getting into the team, which will have to merge.Psychologists believe that after six years of absence mom is not around for the child as severe as before.Firstly, because sufficient physiological development.The kid is not so helpless, has a lot to show, explain and do it yourself.In addition, the child develops an even greater extent than before thirst for knowledge of the world.And accordingly, it takes what is happening around, which means that no less than mothers pass unnoticed.

But on the other hand, wariness toward strangers and unfamiliar will be present until at l
east 2 - 3 years.Note that this feature is inherent even adults, not to mention the children.

to prepare children for kindergarten, some mothers have resorted to the help of a psychologist.Show the child specialist.With simple game situations and tests it tells a lot about the psychological development of the child.But you can cope on their own.

In any case, the baby needs a psychological preparation for entry "into society."The child should be for some time to leave with relatives and familiar people: the grandmother, older brothers and sisters, reliable friends, perhaps with a good nanny.During the walk, try to bring your child to play with other children.He has to get used to certain standards of conduct that will be needed in kindergarten: toys are not selected, the kids do not hurt themselves and not to give offense.Observe your child.If he goes to the contact with other children?Or remain on the sidelines?Scarecrow foreign and clamped?

Walk with your child to visit, especially in families where there is also a small children.That go to visit, and do not invite mothers with children to him.Because at home, the children feel.What is called "at ease", and masters of the situation.This will serve as a projection in a group environment.How does the baby?A step does not depart from my mother?He refuses to eat that offers unfamiliar aunt?It should be wary.If the baby is happy to eat normally plays with the other children, it's all right.

If you do not plan to send their child to a day nursery and kindergarten, he will get later in life, it can be an excellent preparation for any group of early development.In such circles with children engaged in dancing, painting, educational games.All of these skills can instill a child at home, but in a group it will interact with other children and adults to get used to strangers.At the same time, the baby will feel safe, because it is located nearby.

Remember that every little man is different.And even if your steadfastly refused to play with others, maybe it's just characteristic of his psyche.If a child prefers to play alone, do not force.If it - this comfortable state, nothing can be done.It is possible that the position of an outside observer - the most suitable and soon he will come to the other children.

main hold not only the psychological preparation of children, but also to impart the necessary skills.Namely, the ability to dress and shoed on their own (with minimal help from an adult) and so on.Often one can observe the following picture.Mom comes home in the evening to pick up the child, but the baby wearing boots on the wrong feet (right to left, left to right), buttoned jacket is not buttoned, wearing pants backwards, randomly scarf wrapped around his neck and dragged him across the floor.And scarf with stripes ... not his.Teach your child correctly and quickly enough to dress.At the same time, trying to find comfortable clothing (minimum pugovok small, tight tights heap cords, etc.).

Encourage your toddler to use the toilet properly (pot or bowl, depending on age), to observe good personal hygiene.Wash hands before eating, after using the restroom, wash after sleeping, towel, eat as carefully as possible.

is very important, but it is incredibly difficult to convince your child that it is not necessary at all to imitate other children.Otherwise, you will be monitored regularly, for example, the scene licking icicles taking the child home in the evening.

Try to explain to your child the basic rules of behavior.You can not act up if he is not like something (food, game, etc.).You can not select toys offend other children and so on.

Try as much as possible to facilitate the stay of the child in kindergarten, especially if he does not want to stay there.Watch for him to identify all weaknesses.For example, if a child perceives difficult separation from her mother and the house, come up with some kind of game situation, such as that for a little boy is a test for the hero of his favorite cartoon.And in the end, as a reward, Mom comes.Or leave the kid a thing, for example, girls are their cheap beads or scarf.If a child is difficult and slowly dressed, make a small poster on which to draw (or stick cut from a magazine) clothing items in the same order as they should be worn.Stick it on the wall or in the dressing room stall baby.Confuse right and left shoes?Nasheyte pictures on one and the other (explain that they have to be outside of the legs).Watch fantasize and try to help.

course, a good tutor group will carefully monitor children and give them full attention.But do not rely only on this, anything can happen, and the child falls into a difficult or unpleasant situation.After follow all the kids at the same time, even an experienced educator and nurse's just not possible.Therefore, the process of preparing children to kindergarten to very important.

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