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Aristocratic charm: wedding dress with open back

bare back: a fine line between looseness and decorum

Should the wedding dress to be sexy, every bride decides for itself.In the case of open dress line between decency and honesty should observe very carefully.Such a garment should not be provocative.An intriguing, moderately relaxed, laconic - yes.But not flashy.

Even if you feel well in the open dress, and your beauty and a slim figure can envy the winner of beauty contests, show a sense of proportion.Marriage - a solemn event, where everything has to be at the highest level, and excessive frankness is irrelevant here.

Here are a few recommendations for the girls who make their choice in favor of a wedding dress with open back:

  • Use interesting elements - drape skirt or a mysterious trail allow you to create the image of a noble person.
  • choosing this outfit, focusing on luxurious fabrics, such as lace.
  • Prefer refined lightweight accessory.

Shoes wedding
perfect image of the bride assumes perfectly thought out accessories as
well.Shoes, gloves, veil - all should be in harmony and complement each other, creating an irresistible look.Learn how to choose the right shoes to the bride's attire.

Remember: bare back on a wedding party can only owners of a perfectly smooth skin, devoid of scratches, redness, scars, irritations, uneven tanning and so on.Once you put the emphasis on this part of the body, its appearance and condition must be flawless.In addition, for the dress with open back fit only a slim figure, elegant lines of the silhouette and smooth the camp.But the disadvantages of the type of folds on the back, completeness, stoop better disguise another model attire.

Upcoming Wedding dresses: what style to choose

Today, designers offer a wide variety of such dresses.Dresses of different length, type of fabric, cut and other features.

most luxurious and traditionally considered a long dress with a bare back, having a volume skirt and plunging neckline.It is for such a style is important to have clear skin, perfect proportions and smooth shapes camp.

dress with lace and draped looks less catchy, but retains the elegance and grace.It can be sewn in any length, so the bride decides for itself whether to bare legs or leave the flowing skirt.A short dress with a cut on the back is perfect for a summer ceremony.

ivory wedding dress trend this year - ivory dress that attracts glances with elegance, romance and easily.Learn about the main rules of selecting dresses ivory to create a compelling image.

spin on the wedding dress can be opened as a whole or in part, at the same time allowed a variety of shaped cutout:

  • Classic oval.
  • trapezoid.
  • Asymmetrical
  • double.
  • Square.
  • in the form of drops.
  • as diamonds.
  • Triangle.
  • Heart-shaped.

behind a robe elaborately decorated with satin ribbons, lace inserts, crystals, loose stones, a longitudinal row of buttons to match the dress, lace, bows, lace embroidery and so on.All options are highly individual and depend on the style of celebration, dress style and fantasy fashion.

When to choose open dress

Magnificent intriguing dress with open back should be chosen in such cases:

  • If you are deprived of prejudices, self-confident and feel that it is "your".
  • When you are proud of your figure and want to use the dizzying success in the day of the ceremony.
  • You love being the center of attention, listen to compliments and catch admiring glances guests.

Accessories for wedding dresses with bare back

so frankly and ceremonial attire important to correctly combine with accessories, as well as paying close attention to every detail in its image.Therefore bride in a dress with an open back in any case can not hunch - it spoil the appearance, as can form unattractive skin folds at the waist.

Ideal hairstyles, along with a suitable cut - high beam, elegantly exposes the neck.This will create a feminine, romantic, delicate way.

relatively veils no strict warnings.It can be made in any length, but they should not be combined with the bare back multilayer veil.Leave one tier falling transparent material, which will flow along a refined mill.

Hair can be decorated with fresh flowers, and completely abandon the use of veil in her dress.

Short dresses
bold and extravagant bride increasingly prefer short wedding dress.Learn how to choose the right style short dress, what to wear and how to create a romantic image.

as an additional element for open dresses can be used lace gloves or mittens, and shoes, it is desirable to choose a closed toes.The main rule when choosing accessories - adhere to measures and not burden the massive elegant image, flashy jewelry.In itself, a dress with a plunging neckline - it is a decoration for a bride.