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The flame of passion: red wedding dress

red wedding dress - the bride's choice of a strong spirit

strength of the red dress is known to mankind since ancient times.In Russia, on the day of the wedding sundress girl dresses in shades of red or white furniture chose embroidered red thread.This wedding dress is more powerful and gives young bride energy.

And according to the history of ancient Rome, every bride should wear a wedding veil red hue.Compliance with this tradition symbolizing the strengthening of the love between spouses and wealth.

scarlet wedding dress choose active and determined girl.Shy and indecisive ladies best not to wear a red dress to a wedding.

thinning brides stylists offer to consider other options attire - red and white wedding dress.A striking element on a white background will be beneficial to emphasize the beauty of the maiden and give the bride determination.

Strong bright red wedding dress - the energy, passion and danger at the same time.The bride who chooses a bright red outfit colors -

strong, and it is not necessary to listen to the views of others.

Black Wedding Dress
safely be called the bride, who decided to don the black robe in the most solemn day of her life.It turns out that not every girl decorates a black wedding dress.In order not to spoil the holiday, should know more about the black dress for a wedding.

Wedding Dress in red colors - Rules age

most common wedding dress red ladies choose older or those who have already been married, explaining his choice by the fact that white outfit - a symbol of innocence.Wedding dress red shades just perfect for re solemn occasion and will look luxurious.Style wedding dress can be relatively modest, even for the bride to marry is not the first time.If you like mystery, consider a closed dress.

Closed Closed
dress dress red color suitable for the bride adulthood.This outfit is appropriate for a wedding.For the ceremony is best to choose a muted tone attire.You will be interested to learn more about the looks that closed dresses.

image of a bride

If she decided to wear a red wedding dress, she should very carefully consider your extravagant.

What to consider:

  1. In nature, there are about 25 shades of red.Bride need to pick up the tone that will emphasize its natural beauty.
  2. selected color of the dress can accessorize brighter or darker.It is important to "play" on the contrast.
  3. Hue wedding dress should be in harmony with the type of figure and appearance.Blondes suit muted tones of red, brunettes - bright.
  4. curvaceous ladies with better wear burgundy dress and graceful girl allowed to choose the wedding dress of any shade of red.

    Short dresses Short dresses for the wedding - the choice of the slender beauties.Before you decide to put on a short red dress wedding, the girl should choose the appropriate style to accentuate the dignity of the figure.
  5. tone dress should be in harmony with your way.Make a bright wedding makeup, choose accessories and pick up the appropriate decorations.For example, the well will be combined with each other in a white wedding dress with a red belt and shoes the same color.
wedding dress for the wedding should be in harmony with a touch of shoes.Dressed in a red dress, the bride can choose shoes to match, or opt for contrasting colors - white and black.Learn more about the models, color variations and rules of choice of shoes for the wedding.
passion and strength - the character of the bride, opt for red dresses.Our recommendations will help you to create your extraordinary image of the girl-temptress!

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