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Modern methods of female contraception

In other cases, a method of protection against pregnancy is better to think before sexual intercourse, and not after.Today there is a huge choice of contraceptives, which make it easy to choose the most appropriate way and get pregnant at a time when a woman is ready for it and wants it.That is why today I want to talk more about modern methods of female contraception.

Did you know that very often after an abortion a woman can not have children, it becomes fruitless, despite the fact that modern medicine is far stepped forward and offers a non-surgical and "safe" abortion.According to statistics, every fifth woman, passed through an abortion can become barren, and irreversible.If we imagine that a woman can not have children because of infertility or infertility due to men (which, incidentally, not too little), it is not difficult to imagine our country, and perhaps the entire planet in 50 years.Extinction, the disappearance of nations.That is why it is time to think about the future now.That is why ev

ery woman should think in advance what she wants to have children, and until then choose modern methods of contraception for women to avoid abortion, and in the future - to give birth to a healthy baby.It is so important to preserve the unique female feature - a child is conceived.So how do you choose a reliable modern contraceptive means to live peacefully, not thinking about an unwanted pregnancy, and at the right time to conceive a child?How to make to be able to plan a pregnancy, to have a desired child?Of course the best option contraception.Today, there are many modern methods of female contraception.I will not describe them all, I will tell only the most well-known and proven, as well as spend a little comparison contraceptives.It should be noted that trends in the world of contraception appear often enough.It is necessary to monitor them closely, you may find it more appropriate way.So, we go to the description.

Coitus interruptus

interrupted intercourse enjoyed even our great-great-great-great-grandmother.And what is the result?Large families, almost constant state of pregnancy.Coitus interruptus yalvyaetsya one of the most unreliable methods of contraception.Not only is it not effective (you can get pregnant in every second case), so also have a negative impact on the health partners.A man may lose an erection, a woman - have problems with the stagnation of blood in the pelvis, decreased libido and other sexual problems.The fact that up to the moment of ejaculation, sperm cells, which are in predsemennoy fluid can easily penetrate completely into the vagina, then get to the egg and fertilize.That is why, coitus interruptus is considered one of the most unreliable methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy.In addition, this method of protection is strictly not suitable for casual relationships, for the first sex partner with a stranger, because it does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.By this method of protection should be treated with caution.Do not have sex with a stranger, if there is no other hand, the more modern methods of protection.Postpone sex another time.

calendar method.

calendar method, a different method is also called the safe days.It consists in the following: Scientists have found that in the female menstrual cycle, there are different periods.It is believed that fertilization can occur only during certain days (there may be up to 15 per month).In the remaining days - it is impossible to conceive, and you can practice sex safely, without fear of unwanted pregnancy.However, it is worth noting that even with a regular cycle, the percentage of protection from fertilization does not exceed 40-50%.Did you know that sperm can remain in a woman's body and wait for ovulation for 9 (!) Days.In addition, the menstrual cycle in women is individual, and with absolute precision to determine the "safe days", perhaps, can not a doctor.It should also be noted that the woman's menstrual cycle -vesma not reliable, it can change due to any external factors.He can change even if you're just nervous, simple, tired.As soon as all the strays.To make exact schedule of your menstrual cycle you need to know your body every day to fix the loop to track changes.And this for two years (!).The modern pace of life does not allow women to spend so much time on it, because every day dela- cases concern.To summarize: the calendar method has its advantages, but it is extremely reliable, do not tempt fate.Yes, in the past, they are often used, but only because there was no other way.


Another method of the past.Unfortunately, despite the fact that today there are so many other modern methods of female contraception, many women still use douching.I'm talking about chemical vaginal douching after sex.These substances are added to the water.And then, this composition of the vaginal douche.Yes, this method of protection can protect you from unwanted infection if you do not trust your partner, but get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, he can not.At the moment of ejaculation, sperm is ejected and a powerful jet of sperm begin very actively and briskly move toward your goal.If we add to this favorable days, the location of the body to conceive, the pregnancy still occur.Besides that douching does not help against unwanted pregnancy, it can still harm the female body with frequent use.Douching dry mucosa into the vagina flora changes, it kills bacteria necessary.Instead of a healthy flora in the vagina of women appear alien and harmful bacteria that can cause inflammation.The effectiveness of irrigation is only 15%.So is it worth to use it?


Perhaps the most popular way to protect against unwanted pregnancy is the condom.It is the most popular and most frequently advertised way to protect not only against pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted infections and diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.Condoms are ideal for young girls who are casual relationships.This will help avoid problems with diseases.But with the pregnancy, the situation is a little different.The degree of protection against pregnancy condom is not more than 50%.It all depends on the quality of the rubber product, how long it is kept, as well as a woman's ability to conceive and men - to fertilize.If during intercourse the condom use poor quality, it can break, or it may appear the strip through which sperm can quite easily penetrate the vagina, especially if they are active.If a woman at the time of ovulation, you may be able pregnancy.In addition, condoms often flies, if it happens, then it is impossible to talk not only about protection against unwanted pregnancies, but also protection from sexually transmitted infections.Therefore, choose only high-quality and proven condoms.Do not store them for a long time, pick the right size.


Next fairly popular way to modern female contraception - diaphragm.However, this method has its own characteristics, due to which they can not use each of the fairer sex.First of all, we shall understand that as a diaphragm.It is a resilient ring, which stretched rubber.Externally very similar to the cap.Before the start of sexual intercourse, the diaphragm is inserted into the vagina, so that a block hole into which the sperm and tested.Aperture should fit to put on the cervix, to provide the necessary protection against unwanted pregnancy.Each woman is unique, as well as her vagina and cervix.That is why, to buy their own diaphragm is not recommended.You must consult your doctor, who will choose the right size diaphragm.Furthermore, during use of the diaphragm woman also needs to use a special gel which contains hormones.The reliability of this method of protection from unwanted pregnancy is 80%.Remove the diaphragm from the vagina can be a few hours after intercourse.That, as the complexity of the process and the fact that it does not fit all.Not every woman will be able to properly put on the diaphragm.A gel that is used during intercourse, can cause a negative impact: because of him cervix become slippery, and the diaphragm to come off it.Moreover, even if there is no such negative moments, frequent use of the female cap can lead to the development of female diseases, such as cervical erosion, or cause inflammation.Also, use a diaphragm is not recommended to young girls who have not yet given birth.It turns out that the use of this method of protection against unwanted pregnancy can only those couples who trust each other, and female anatomy allows women to wear a cap.Furthermore, the diaphragm does not protect against sexually transmitted infections and diseases.


IUD Intrauterine devices differently are called spirals.They are very popular and effective way to protect against unwanted pregnancy.The efficiency is almost 80%.In addition, it is very convenient.Gynecologist enters the uterus spiral for 5 years, and during that time, a woman can be absolutely calm.If course, this method is suitable protection and no contraindications.Earlier spiral set only parous women, but today medicine offers and the spiral that can be set and giving birth to girls.The essence of the action of the spiral is this: the uterus is always slightly open.The inflammatory response that occurs at the site due to the fact that the spiral of copper, depriving their sperm fertilizing capacity.However, the intrauterine device also has a negative side.Due to the fact that it's still a foreign body, our body tries to get rid of him.Because of the helix increases the volume of menstrual flow, in addition, there may be pain during menstruation.The uterus is a woman always remains open to various infections, there is a risk of ectopic pregnancy.As you can see, the use of an intrauterine device has a lot of contraindications, so this method of modern contraception has to choose the doctor, based on the characteristics of the female body.From sexually transmitted infections also protects the spiral.Therefore, use this modern method of female contraception only to those who lived long ago and is confident in the integrity of their partner.

I want to note the existence of spirals, which include leponorgestrel - a special hormone that prevents pregnancy.It is regularly supplied to the uterus of the helix, because of this, no pregnancy.Furthermore, this drug has no side effects as contraceptive pills, because it misses the woman's blood and does not cause weight gain, nausea, vomiting, and other side effects.This spiral must be set by the doctor.Worn it is not more than 5 years, then it must be removed.However, such a method of female contraception offers even more contraindications.Therefore choose a method of protection against unwanted pregnancy should be a doctor.It is suitable for only a small number of women.The use of such spiral can lead to menstrual disorders, and many other undesirable consequences.

Chemical contraception.

chemical method of contraception is quite convenient.It involves the use of tampons and suppositories, creams that protect against sexually transmitted infections.Degree of protection against unwanted pregnancy up to 75%.The method of female concentration are best used in conjunction with a condom, then the reliability of the method of protection is 100%.However, you should pay attention to the fact that the action of chemical contraception is not more than an hour, in contact with detergents (soap, shower gel) lose their properties.In addition, the regular use of chemical contraceptives can lead to the fact that changes in the flora of the vagina.For this reason, do not abuse this method of protection.

Hormonal injections.Pills.

In the past century, the emergence of hormone pills became a real breakthrough in the field of female contraception.The reliability of this method of protection against unwanted pregnancy up to 97%.The principle of operation is based on the hormone pills block ovulation process.The egg is simply released from the ovary, as a result, nothing sperm to fertilize.An important condition for obtaining the maximum effect of the hormone pills can be achieved if just follow the instructions and comply with all regulations.It is very important that the tablets took gynecologist.It is worth noting that hormone pills have a number of contraindications and side effects, even if you have any side effects, then the package is still worth to drink to the end, otherwise there may be problems with the menstrual cycle, the failure of the ovaries and other unpleasant moments.If hormonal pills are not appropriate, then the doctor should choose the other tablets.

hormonal methods of contraception include hormonal injections.They use the same hormone, as in the helix - levonorgestrel.Hormone injections are also reliable as hormonal pills.Injections enough to do every 2 months to produce the effect of maximum security, where the secretion of the hormone is gradual, preventing unwanted pregnancies.However, as with any method in hormonal injections and tablets have contraindications.There may be problems with menstrual bleeding, spotting can be in the middle of the cycle.If, in the case of hormonal pills it can be solved, if not start to drink the next package in the case of injections, will have to wait until the end of the effect, and only then choose another method of contraception.This should be done only under the supervision and control of the doctor.

Nova Ring.

I also want to tell you about one of the new methods of female contraception - Nova Ring Ring.This hormonal ring which must be inserted into the vagina and leave it there for 21 days (a full menstrual cycle).By the conviction of doctors, physicians, this method of contraception is very effective and easy to use, with it you can lead an active life, do not worry about an unwanted pregnancy.You can go in for sports, live life to the fullest.The ring has a unique structure that allows it to occupy the entire cavity of the vagina, to adjust to the contours of the body.Nova Ring has no side effects, and the degree of protection against unwanted pregnancy is 99%.Despite this, the Internet, women are totally different reviews about this method of protection.So you should choose this method only after the council with the doctor.

hormonal patch

Lately, especially popular adopts new method of female contraception - hormonal patch.It is glued to any part of the body.In the package you proposed three patches, each for 77 days, after which a break is also for 7 days, and then again a new stick.Doctors and physicians claim that side effects from this method not, moreover, it even has special useful properties.Reliability hormonal patch is 99, 5%.Despite the fact that this method is suitable to many, there are times when there are idiosyncrasy is best to consult a doctor.


Lastly, I want to tell you about the most effective and irreversible method of contraception - female sterilization.Of course, this is a very radical method is very good to think about the pros and cons.Using this method, it turns out that sperm can not reach the egg.However, it should be understood that once you pass the operation, the consequences will be irreversible, and you can never have children.

Contraception - it is simple and easy, is easy to pick up his method.Understand that it's better now to think about how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy than to think about abortion.

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