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Congratulations on March 8 classmates

To make an international women's day even brighter and happier boys can learn a poem or short prose congratulate sweetheart girls in the class.If a class is therefore, he can write beautiful and humorous poems about each individual girl, but most classes do not differ talented boys.In this case, they can use ready-made poems and prose congratulations, surprising classmates 8th of March.

  • Beautiful girls greetings in verse
  • Comic wishes classmates for March 8
  • wishes Beautiful girls in prose

Beautiful girls greetings in verse

You are our best friends and classmates!
You and a lot of fun is at your leisure.
We swear sometimes, but it's out of friendship,

you understand that it is very necessary!
Otherwise, how we show that we like you?
You do not believe their actions, a kind word!


Dear, classmates, girls,
Congratulations spring day!
you an excellent pupil, and beauty champion,
With a twinkle in his eyes, in the hearts of a fire.

Congratulations masculine its composition,
Women you happiness, joy, good luck.
Every Kind of merit, patience, courage and honor,
to deal with all the difficult tasks.


Be happy girls -
Do not be sad ever!
Smile, surprised,
sing songs until dawn.

less beautiful in the world,
your cute, female eyes!
you our thanks for all -
Sincerely, your class.


shoes clean.White shirt.
And his father was able to tie a tie.
rumbles poor boy's heart.
And who orders him to shut up!

When the yard complete madness:
melts All around, the sun somlev,
And Olga and Katya, and in the light of amorous,
Displays roulades it intoned.

eighth and March did not cope with it.
in the book have hardly needed an example,
After Olya - A student, Katya - beautiful,
And she asks ... Well, in general, the third dimension ...

Kiss you all my classmates!
And it is my will for you hot!
Soul I am great!So nothing you tease,
that growth I will take out my shoulder ...


This holiday for girls,
Because you - a woman with a cradle.
moody, shy,
But so cute.

congratulate you today,
whole day do not offend,
opens the door to a class, skipping around you.

speak to you from the heart:
You girls are good!
helps you we are not lazy,
Festival after just one day.


good girl for the party of the neighboring,
eighth of March you want to say one thing:
Such a cute smile and gorgeous eyes,
I never met a fairy tale or a movie at the box office.

you wish to meet one of whom dream,
and always be happy, smile does not lose!
And if the image you just make up a prince -
Then I'll be brief: go for a walk with me!


classmate-girl, on March 8 you!
Smile and rather go to class!
We congratulate you on your dream, honestly, better than anyone.
And in response to want to hear only laughter.

Let this day spring bloom smile,
And call all legs let fun run!
We wish you health, love and beauty!Let
most cherished dreams come true!

Comic wishes classmates for March 8

classmate-girl, on March 8 you!
Smile and rather go to class!
We congratulate you on your dream, honestly, better than anyone.
And in response to want to hear only laughter.

Let this day spring bloom smile,
And call all legs let fun run!
We wish you health, love and beauty!Let
most cherished dreams come true!


Nozzles powder, spit raspleli,
Sponges pomade, eyes disappoint.
Cool does not swear, the director does not grumble,
guys smile and heart pounding so!

Young, beautiful, cheeky little.
Let happy life is your way!
female Happy holiday, my girlfriend you!
Let them sing under the windows of sweet nightingale!


Well, girls, we waited for you!
eighth of March in the door knocks us!
not easy to be in this feast the men -
They will bow down before us!

Cleaning fall on men's shoulders in celebration,
Cooking, too, you guys have to!
Give us a lot of different gifts -
path to our heart so it will be opened to you!


classmate once a year,
Each write off gives,
and show and tell,
And we will show bloopers.

Just in March of exacerbations,
For guys it salvation -
For candy, chocolate
us with homework notebook

All the girls are happy to give
(this year had to wait).
Because we wish you to study
only "five»

So want eighth of March,
girls from the neighboring desk.


We congratulate together on March 8,
With great enthusiasm and how you can have fun,
all those who every day at his desk,
gives us written off, saving the teacher.

our dear girls, congratulations!
You are so smart, slim.You are so beautiful.
little more strength to endure our wish,
And in the life of the best prospects.

Forgive us that constantly bullied,
In any fight, if things go for you!No best
classmates - just know.
International Women's Day!


this day March 8
Can we go party -
You can even dial,
You could even - without panties.

But, of course, in the pants -
Because holiday - ah ...
drop dead so -
So far without you, the hell

live without you, without you having to circle,
We do not need poluklass
(meanclass, but a class without you).
Congratulations!In profile, the FAS
you kiss a hundred times.


March 8
I wish the girls beautiful days,
That sun is always shining outside
And the nightingale sang!

boys, not to offend,
For the spit, not to twitching,
Although without it, I know,
they lived could not have!

It's not anger,
A of boyish love,
After all, it does not pull when the tail,
himself and asks - Pull!

portfolio to help you
guys bring to the house,
And please do not forget
and dedicate your poems!


Every year you are more beautiful,
classmates - as dreams,
you - love, our friends,
Good luck with the warmth of spring.

Let love spring force,
all of you is on the hands,
let everyone be nice,
live with happiness in the clouds.

just so and not otherwise,
affection, tenderness, warmth,
live luxuriously - the villa, cottage,
In the world of light and goodness.


Today we congratulate the eighth March
All those who shared with us their desks in a classroom!
All those who suffer all our antics!
All those who write off gives us homework!

wish you easily learn everything
Laugh more, more fun
be a school standard of beauty
And that all your dreams come true!


spring murmuring brooks,
Soon holiday for the girls!
Oh, come March 8
and the boys will be hot!

Oh, trouble, trouble, trouble!
mess in our class,
for gifts
boys run in different directions!

girls in the class have -
clever, beautiful!
I confess, we boys,
It is really like!

You always beautiful:
"tails" pigtails.We
for them, happens, turf,
only out of habit!

As change comes
We love to play with you:
escape, that there are forces,
so we could catch up with us!

you dance, sing,
like to read books.
not forget the lessons we
anything to tell!

promise you today
Compliments speak.
A little older,
We will give you flowers!

We sang ditties you,
But still want to say:
you always and everywhere
We will boldly defend!


in the sky the sun is shining brightly,
Birds sing fun.
you they want happiness,
and send greetings to spring!

Today we dressed,
Shoes fire burning:
congratulate you on March 8
gathered on the parade!

All shirts ironed
we ironed pants,
Let us go around the puddles
today and I will not fight us.

Upside down so we do not go,
we do not roll on the floor,
at each other, we do not sit down and do not
mazhemsya in the Cretaceous.

Today we like dandies,
Here at the blackboard,
but beautiful our girls
Anyway, we did not!

You are beautiful, like stars,
And his eyes burn with fire,
And your lovely smile
Dwarfs afternoon sun!

You have such nice!
you girls - just class!
That's why we want to be
all like you!

wish you only happiness,
and open you a secret:

our girls beautiful in the whole school is simply no!


You're Not yet rated Hidden
Again deuce received
place awards and accolades.

Well you are very talented,
should not hide your talent.
The "teddy bear", among other things
That year was the second.

lot of different books to read,
The geography is strong ...
Hand in vain do not rise,
What, five is not needed?

Here's to not be lazy,
All tasks are performed by ...
became the best to learn,
only get five.

wishes Beautiful girls in prose

Dear classmates, today is International Women's Day, so I congratulate you on this holiday of spring, beauty and femininity.I was incredibly lucky that you are my classmates and decorate their presence every day of my making such a study is not boring and monotonous.


you decoration of our class, and though not yet independent woman, but it is held beauties.We wish you on March 8 remain the same cheerful and lively, never lose heart, and our foolishness and pranks treated calmly and reasonably.


Dear girls!We, the strong half of our class together and congratulate you on March 8.You - our beautiful fairies, beautiful, clever.We are sure that you will become the best wives, mothers will be able to realize all your dreams and plans.We wish you to create strong family, to give birth to healthy babies in the future, find your true place in life and do only what brings you joy.We love you!