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Preparing for the New Year: How to win all their flawless appearance

As we mentioned at the beginning of preparation for the New Year -vesma a long and laborious process that requires a maximum cost of outputting not only time and effort, and finances.That alone is worth noting that this samyyprotsess training includes not only the selection of a Christmas tree, decorations, grocery shopping, preparation of festive menus, etc., and each woman should not forget about his beloved.Precisely for this reason, if you hotit holiday to look your best, you need to build your clear timetable, and that you will follow.Otherwise, an afterthought Vposlednee days before the actual New Year, you risk just to stay on the beans -popast in a beauty salon and even lichnomukosmetologu or stylist is almost impossible.Slight chance of staying in only samihvladelets salons, and in the common queue.

Approximately dvenedeli before New Year

night vnovogodnyuyu want to look like you just stepped off the plane that I priveztebe sunny resort?Start going to the solarium (for 5-10 minutes eve

ry day) .K feast your skin will find a pleasant shade of the south.

Think and buy only the outfit, which planirueshvstretit New Year.Firstly, already in mid-December, many organized korporativnuyuvecherinku, secondly, in any outfit sluchaenuzhno try not to have any curiosities as spinning or Natalia samozadirayuschihsya skirts, slipping straps or crafty cuts, which at the time dance show around a lot more,byhotelos than you.Footwear for celebrations is also worth to buy as early as possible - at tebyaobyazatelno should be sufficient time to ensure that its time to deliver, or chimes with your super fashionable shoes or sandals prevratyatsyav "tarpaulin boots."And the New Year you have to meet the little moving ilipostoyanno limping at every opportunity to get up from the table and sdelatparochku steps!

Also, this is the time to carry out preventive kurspriema vitamins.This measure guarantees you that occasional colds, herpes, influenza and other troubles nakanuneprazdnika you will not be disturbed.

Plus it's a great time to finally make toreshitsya beauty injections and peeling.Remember that the closer to the holiday, tembudut longer rising prices for these procedures, so procrastinate quite nestoit.Sign up for all of the daleemeropriyatiya.

Approximately poltorynedeli before New Year

Make cleaning of the face.Neither a black dot, none pryschikne should overshadow the celebration.Not bad sign for the overall procedure massazha.Optimalny schedule - three treatments per week.Interned in place vertebrae and muscles best mashed obrazomskazhutsya not only on your state of health, but also on the mood.Massazhnormalizuet work of all organs and systems, including the nervous.Be sure all hands on deck working New Year you will be able to move with ease and spokoystviemnastoyaschego Indian.

Visit hairdresser.Ideally, of course, do novuyuprichesku per week (roughly the time necessary to hair chtobyprivyknut to the form and not to puff up, and face - to stick with the new image), nochtoby not be caught off guard of a corporate party, it is better to cut takisdelat (painted) early.Also in this case, you budetbolshe time to experiment with a variety of options for placement.Yes, as soon get out of the cabin, just take a picture - then the original version will legchevosproizvesti.In general, the head of the habit itself to capture every time looks good.This is a very raises self-esteem.

thoughtful gifts for colleagues and loved ones, and not zabudprikupit candles and sparklers.

Somewhere week dotorzhestva

-kruzheva Buy new underwear, silk and little tricks in the form of push-Epov zhenskuyuseksualnost increase by 28%.And do not forget to purchase a 10-day subscription vfitnes club or pool - snacks and salads to have left no trace of waist ibedrah, vacations do not have to go into complete immobility.

about five dneydo New Year

It is the turn of manicure and pedicure.If you do ihsamostoyatelno, should not delay this process on the last day! Cope with cuticles, nail polish and give them beautiful shape vspeshke fail.

Make epilation.During this time, the skin just uspeetvosstanovitsya and calm down.This is especially true of those predstavitelnitsprekrasnogo sex who have sensitive skin.

Three days before Novogogoda

along with their family Christmas tree and decorate a New Year's toast all kvartiru.Zagotov and thoughtful script festive New Year's Eve.Podkorrektiruyformu eyebrows.And do not forget to give discharge Skopje nervous tension: posetisaunu or bath.Warming up, steamed, breathe aroma oils.Session turetskogomassazha have more than ever.

The day before Novogogoda

Gather the bag in case you visit the spontaneous reshenieuehat somewhere overnight, for example, to the country.Warm clothes and kosmetichkaobyazatelny.Basic products: wipes for removing makeup, geldlya chapstick or lip moisturizer for the face and hands, face powder, nail tushpilochka.And most importantly, to have excellent appearance nepremennovyspis before the New Year!

six hours, the Dons

sure to take a bath, adding water foam, salt or oil, which gives vivacity and energy.Take advantage of a scrub sponge or female, Azat apply on the body cream with shimmering particles.

five hours

Do cleansing mask for the face to make it smooth isiyayuschim.

Three hours

Do hair styling and makeup.

Two hours

cover with nails, change your clothes, perfume and always pokrutispered mirror to remain fully pleased with herself.

One hour

Spend the old year.

minute before Novogogoda

toast praise myself for that, relentlessly sleduyaplanu you have time to fully prepare for the holiday!Now you can smelopristupat to the implementation of the plan a Christmas party that you uzhepolnostyu ready!

Finally, whether to follow you around, without exception planuili not - solve itself.But there are things that definitely need to do: relax, sleep, get a manicure, adjust the shape of eyebrows, sdelatprichesku, pick outfit and, of course, to think of my fondest wish!

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