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Why do people in computer games?

On this issue you can find many different otvetov.Naprimer, the ability to create his own world.From childhood we all read stories, unto which we could present themselves anyone: princes, princesses, wizards, knights.But then the children have grown up and playing in a fairy tale stalochem something wrong.Computer games again give adults a chance to create svoymir.There are lots of different game genres: arcade, strategy, action games, shooters, role-playing games, and so on.Everyone can be a warrior, savior of the universe or the creator of your world.In computer games chelovekdostigaet what can not achieve in life, and even more for korotkoevremya.It is easier to learn to drive a virtual machine, rather than pass on the right vreale.Especially if you will break the car in the game, then this one unaffected.Therefore, many are beginning to play in order to bring svoifantazii.

Rodomiz childhood

especially computer games addicted men, although izhenschiny they are not too far behind.Every guy in

the childhood played in the war.Poetomupredstaviteli stronger sex more often opt for razlichnyhshuterah and strategies.It's so interesting - as a child to create his amiyui to destroy the enemy, or vice versa, to win all alone.Here are just vkompyuternyh games, and still accompanied by realistic effects iinteresnymi subjects.In turn, the girls often give predpochtenierazlichnym simulator.This is not difficult to see the game with dolls and daughter-materi.Kak in childhood, the girls modeled characters, develop their life stories ilyubovnye.Again, do everything in the game is much easier than vrealnom world.If ever there was a need to ask the mother or the study itself to shitplate favorite Barbie, now only need to click the mouse and will naekrane whole wardrobe of different clothes.So we can assume chtoodnoy of the reasons why we play computer games - is zhelanievernutsya childhood and create their own world.Just do it in reality mozhnorazve that playing with their children, but vvirtualnom world no one will blame us for what we still hochetsyaigratsya voynushki and daughters and mothers.

Virtualnyyonlayn world

separate category of games are online games.Ihosobennost that you can not only create a character, poluchatnavyki and fight, but also to communicate with real people.In fact, it vozmozhnostzavesti friends with whom you have so many common interests.Perhaps blagodaryavsem these factors, online games are very popular among men and among women.Often people choose fantasy worlds, because As already mentioned earlier, we still want to live in a little tale, we recognize it or not.Online games give the opportunity to anyone.You mozhetebyt who want: magician, healer, a warrior, an archer.Choose a character, invent a name and you'll get an amazing world where you can really play vsё.Onlayn tighten more people because there is a real konkurentsiya.Ved if you lose the usual bots, you'll go quietly to overplay eschёraz.But when you lose the real person, the manager character daeschё and heard from him a couple of jokes, the desire to be the best increase in reusable.And then prohoditzadaniya player starts to get things that give some bonuses and fight drugimilyudmi to become invincible hero.Everyone wants to be the best are often those who have something can not be achieved in real life, embodies the fantasy virtual world.Although not always looking for people in the virtual reality polnyyzamenitel.Sometimes a person just wants something to entertain themselves online game helps him forget for a moment about their problems and a little to live in a fairy tale, and yet at the same time dealing with the very real people.

Zarabotokv game

Some people play computer games that can be zarabotat.Chelovek tester that checks the new games or prostozanimatsya leveling.As for the latter option is online igr.Delo that the best fighters are those who have samayaunikalnaya armor, weapons, causing the greatest amount of damage elitnayabizhuteriya and so on.Some players do not want to deal with prokachkoypersonazha, that is a long time to perform certain tasks that nazyvayutsyakvestami to collect virtual money to buy armor and weapons or zheubivat mobs, from where you can get everything you need.So players legchekupit character who has everything.It is for these people and pumped svoihmagov and soldiers, and then sell for a fairly large amount of money.Stoitotmetit that with the right approach and the ability to play well, deystvitelnomozhno good living.However, initially you need to invest opredelёnnuyusumu.The fact that a business is only possible on official servers, ie only those for which you want to stay on pay monthly opredelёnnuyusummu.

In fact, computer games - it's very interesting ipoleznoe entertainment.Of course, if a person begins to go completely vvirtualny world and replace them real.Then you have to worry about egopsihologicheskom condition.In other cases, computer games - etovozmozhnost develop strength, dexterity and thinking, as well as a bit to live in toyskazke of which each of us dreamed as a child.

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