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Congratulations to the teacher on March 8

gifts teacher - depends on its preferences, but the main thing to present a gift, accompanying his original messages.Their work and the teaching profession have earned the respect and nice words from the students, at least 8th of March.International Women's Day - a great reason to congratulate their favorite teacher, expressing gratitude for the academic years.In response to his eloquence, you get a lot of smiles, praise and flattering words.And who will try especially, can fix a couple of some poor ratings!

  • Beautiful poems teachers for March 8
  • Wishes teacher in prose
  • Congratulations for educators in verse 8 March

Beautiful poems teachers for March 8

Late lays down, checking notebooks,
Thinking about the school to get up in the morning,Knowing
- no one will present an award,
That's what the teacher's work.

Austerity without coarseness, patience,
days, crowded bustle,
All that is inspired by boredom and laziness,
you win only kindness.

On the day of this sunny, bright, spring,
Restless wishes you a class:
happiness, success, love and joy -
All greetings just for you.


noise before you let the sea,
not children in the classroom,
Let "wave with a wave of disputes»,
Instead Losers of the top three.

Let today will tell you,
not how took Troy,
And that your eyes -
found his hero.

Playwrights will be strictly
And you write about the play,
Where you are - not teachers,
A - spring princess.

Let not dream you habitually
chalk, blackboard, notebook, desk.
let live "perfectly»,
Happy 8th of March!


Let this day - a festive and bright
filled with spring wind,
Let the wind quietly those
All your troubles healed.

Let this be a day of fun.
And those who are learning today,
and who have left school -
Let come to you, teachers.Let

morning caressing a cat,
And let the children a little bit naughty,
the window let the sun builds horns,
you new joys promising,

And we wish you, of course,
Love, health and good luck,
We congratulate you cordially,
favorite teacher.


Master's work is not easy,
But no problem is impossible for you.
more luck light hand
Let it be for you a friendly, reliable!

March 8 wishes all -
That certainly happy you were,
That success came to you in all its glory,
even gave you the joy of everyday life!


Spring comes to us quickly,
When March 8
color for teachers
forcing all parties.

Receive flowers from us.
We wish you happiness.
And know that we love you and have great respect


eighth of March is felt here -
Spring legitimate rights shall,
Though still cold, frost has -
spring, perhaps, everyone feels.

my dear teacher
Women's Day I wish the best,
Let there be happiness in life and love,
Let fate always helps you!


We all sit quietly at their desks,
enter into the class - gave flowers,
And we congratulate you on March 8!
On Women's Day beauty and dreams!

you to us the very first teacher,
most kind, considerate friend!We
for you with inspiration, love,
's read their poems out loud!

Wishes teacher in prose

your profession - it is a huge work, talk about the benefits of which is pointless, since all the words fade in front of your business life.And yet, in the first place, you are a woman, beautiful, kind, understanding, referring to his disciples as his own children.Often, you pay attention to us far more than his own family.We congratulate you on March 8, we wish, what would become the beginning of spring for you in the flowering of a new wonderful life, you undoubtedly deserve!


you give our children the knowledge, make them adults and independent people.So let you today in this beautiful March day, I wish that the flowers you gave, not only for the holiday, the disciples were obedient and intelligent parents.Let your health ends, the joy of life will not be lost, even at home, and in the affairs of all turns, and in my personal life everything will be "excellent".


You're the one that does not just teach us all the tricks of the school program, you - a real woman with a capital letter of the word.In this bright and affectionate holiday, sincerely wish you peace, joy, good and simple human happiness.Be well, be happy, be loved!


our beloved teacher!Today, we want the entire class to congratulate you on March 8!You give us so much love we put into all new and new knowledge, every day we would go to your lessons to again and again to see your radiant, infinitely kind eyes, hear the gentle voice, to learn the lessons of the world on your own!Take away March 8 best wishes of love, health and happiness!We love you!


Dear our teacher!You meet us smile - and a day just to get warmer.You teach us the mind and kindness - and life becomes beautiful.On this spring day with all my heart we want to congratulate you on March 8.And even today, even outside the cold - its warm hearts we promise to give you spring!


dear teacher!Your profession is very complicated, but you continue to work for us.You are not only a good teacher, but also beautiful, kind, understanding woman who treats every student as their child.And for that you often pay for your time more than your family, we thank wholeheartedly.Congratulations on March 8.Let this day be a new revolution in your life where there's only room for happiness.This is what you deserve!


you become for us a special person, who not only taught the curriculum, but also set an example for all children.It is this woman with a capital letter can instill the best human qualities because it has them and she knows how to show them.We congratulate you on International Women's Day and wish you a "bloom" of happiness, like a beautiful flower, every day!


spring sunshine, smiling from heaven, fun, says that on the threshold of 8 March - a celebration of all the beautiful women!Dear teachers, let us congratulate you on the holiday.We wish our women teachers to have students always loved and respected, and the management never forget to praise you for your efforts and important work.Let family appreciate you and will support in any situation.


8 March brought with it the spring and joy.We hasten to congratulate our teachers with this.May the joy and light smiles dissolve problems as the spring sun clears the ground past the islands of snow.Even on cloudy days you want to stay in a good mood, which transcend any concerns.Be happy in every moment (at home, at work, at rest).We wish you all the happiness of this radiant!

Congratulations for educators in verse 8 March

second mom, educators!
March 8 congratulate you.
Our children have become an indicator,
beauty of the soul within you.

your labor - a feat most righteous,
giving children start in life,
your approach to their hearts - the most correct,
Because you truly know how to love.

Let work become an inspiration
children - a feeling of warmth.Provides world
wonderful moments -
Peace to you, patience, kindness.


the morning ornate and beautiful,
good burn her eyes,
There are kids of the Shrew,
But it does not matter,

approach she finds any,
The key moment will select,
learn not to misshome,
protect against all adversity,

her vocation - educator,
She teacher from God,
For kids it buddy,
Though her tone is stern,

Teach lace shoes,
And do not be afraid of the dark,
Will tell children withouthesitation,
unlearning her poems,

devote her congratulations,
boys, girls in the morning,
Giving rough eight,
On polovinochku sheet,

Let Women's Day March 8,
fulfill the best dreams,
worthy of a better gift,
You treasure the country!


Decorated music room,
And the sun shines fun,
International Women's Day,
you, educator, congratulations,

not easy work you sometimes,
The children work very hard,
But the feast of womenhis best,
liberated ladies can,

seriousness of today is not to face,
wish to smile,
wish, like children,
whole day laughing leaping,

energy and new forces,
you have them, native, earned,
Toevery day was happy,
Parent was, to the sweetest,

That children meet you,
reciprocity and obedience,
with a smile every day to meet,
you a teacher by vocation!


Babes upbringing someone
so many years ago called the Women's
A man and every pleased!

Today the vernal

their caregivers do not regret
greetings and a smile we give them!


you, conquering the hearts of children,
nurturing children like her,
eye for wisdom and beauty of the face
We dedicate the feast of this verse!

eighth of March - the day of stock phrases,
But we will serve symbol:
We sincerely telling you right now,
and sincerely want to congratulate you and wish you
all kinds of goods!


kind words you said too much,
And the best of them we repeat:
you our kids - a second mother.
you very much for this talk!

Let spring comes to you with a warm light,
May the joy of warm sunbeam!
His light from the soul you are giving to children.
health and good to you!On Women's Day!


On the eighth of March Congratulations,
Educator our favorite!
tenderness, love desire,
Whether are you always happy!

whether the Good is always the same,
affectionate, do not lose your smile,
when necessary can be stricter,
makes us listen to yourself!

this day spring clear
Yet we dare to promise:
your labor is not in vain -
will learn, adults to help!


raise children -
calling, not a job.After all, every
- like your,
and every need care.

And if my mother - caregiver.
Kind, Gentle always it.
She - like angelok guardian,
as life guiding star.

So let this day of spring,
eighth of March celebrations
All the kids you wish amicably
Love, smiles and kindness!


The group tutor has,
all its advantages are countless.
Clever, quiet,
Respect worthy.

On Women's Day
congratulate you and the entire group wish
sea of ​​happiness and good luck.
the only way, and not otherwise.

promise to be obedient,
Do not scream and do not be naughty.
just ask you very:
Do not put us to sleep.


Spring day brings warmth,
flowing streams, chirping birds;
I wish that you were lucky
and strive for the best.

Let there be no interference your way,
my teacher, friend and happiness;
Let Fate
will protect you from any bad weather.

With International Women's Day
cordially congratulate You,
love and joy you
All the way thy wish.

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