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Birth control pills and their effects

Another name for birth control pills - oral contraceptives.It is based on the content in the formulations of hormonal substances similar to those that produces the female body.

Main division now existing in the monophasic oral contraceptive (or mini-pill, ie those that contain only one hormone - progesterone) and combined (estrogen + progesterone-containing).So in a woman's body goes an extra dose of hormones, and the process stops ovulation (release of an egg development and difficult), and the mucus in the cervix and prevents sperm activity.
In general, the selection of contraceptive pills the doctor takes into account the age of women giving birth or not, as well as the presence of hormonal disorders in the body.

Mini-pill taken every day from the first day of menstruation.If a pill is not taken on time, its action ends after 48 hours and the risk of conception increases significantly.

Combined assets are every 12 hours.If you do not, you should take the missed pill and even if you have already com
e decision time following.This efficiency means reduced over the next 7 days, so I have to use additional contraception.The same applies if the period of use of pills you need reception of antibiotics.

Contraindications to the use of means of oral contraception are diseases of the gallbladder and liver, menstrual irregularities nulliparous women, malignant tumors.Do not let the reception of contraceptive tablets during pregnancy, as well as breast-feeding;their use is not recommended for women over 40, as well as smoking after 35 years.

Reception Possible side effects of oral contraceptives: a false pregnancy (nausea, vomiting, breast pain, irritability, headaches and so on.), Decreased libido, weight gain, yeast.

If side effects are strong, it is necessary to consult on the possibility of changing the drug.But to change the drug or discontinue its use is possible only after the end of the use of packaging.

substantially prevents the pills smoking, high doses of alcohol, receiving antibiotics, antidepressants, analgesics.
During reception of hormonal contraceptives is not only minimized the possibility of pregnancy, but also normalizes the menstrual cycle, and the pain of it, the risk of breast cancer and genital organs.

Now about common myths about the consequences of acceptance of birth control pills.Young girls are not contraindicated modern contraceptives with low hormone levels, the effectiveness of which in this case as high.Furthermore, the use of oral contraceptives helps to cope with the problems of the skin (acne and acne on the face and body).

The common assertion that from birth control pills grow facial hair (mustache and beard).This myth arose in the early days of oral contraceptives (in the 60s) when the hormone content in them was quite high.Current medications exclude such a possibility.Tablets with a large number of hormones are only intended for the treatment of gynecological diseases.Another myth is the risk of a significant increase in body weight, which is also associated with a high degree of hormones in some preparations.

Hormonal contraceptives do not affect the development of infertility, contrary to popular belief.

Experts believe that the period of acceptance of birth control pills can be as long as it is required, and this woman will not affect her health and not give adverse effects.Breaks in the reception of oral contraceptives opposite undesirable.Since the body has to be reconstructed from one mode to another.

Pregnancy can occur within 1-2 months after the reception of oral contraceptives.

Admission Regulations of hormonal contraceptives.Take the pill should be every day at the same time.Before using, read the summary and verify all the questions at the doctor.Adequate protection against unwanted pregnancy is only guaranteed to the reception time of the second package of the drug.

Remember, what about birth control pills and their effects is always better to consult a physician.For any advertising does not give you precise and objective data.Make it can only be a true professional.Remember also that oral contraception does not protect you from sexually transmitted infection.

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