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The most reliable methods of contraception

When choosing contraception, we consider several criteria: reliability, the effects of use, ease of use.
least reliable natural methods of prevention: coitus interruptus, douching, calculation of safe days.Such practices not only are not always effective, and will be able to protect in the best case only against pregnancy but not against infection.Few effective and hoped that breastfeeding woman can not become pregnant.Often, the first egg begins to mature before the first menstrual period.

most reliable method of contraception, many believe the condom.The most effective and acceptable it is for nulliparous women who make love occasionally.But even here talking about 100% protection is not necessary.Torn, worn, or incorrectly removed a condom let you down.But at the same time, this is the only means of protection against sexually transmitted infections.

For women who already have children, but the future does not rule out the possibility of pregnancy and childbirth, and age is approaching 35, preferenc
e may be given to such methods as the contraceptive suppositories, creams, tablets.The difficulty is that such contraception gives only short-term effect (2 hours), and begins to act immediately.And only after 10-15 minutes.So the reliability of such funds is very limited period.

Another classic method - oral contraceptives.They can be considered the most reliable methods of contraception, subject to all the rules of use.But the risk of 1-2% still remains.In addition, in the case of protection against sexually transmitted infections, they also did not help.
reliable means to prevent unwanted pregnancy can be considered a special appointment as a method of contraception tablets with a high proportion of hormones for 12 (72) hours after sexual intercourse.Guarantee protection against unwanted pregnancy is also almost 100%, but the side effects of these drugs ... welcome shake-up is essential for the body, and he can answer you heavy bleeding and failure of the menstrual cycle.Therefore, such a remedy can not be considered optimal, and used regularly (doctors do not recommend to use it more often than once every six months).

If a woman over 40, and she has already given birth to children, reliable and convenient method for it may be the use of hormonal intrauterine spiral.But this method of protection is valid only for women giving birth, while there should be no contraindications: erosion, inflammation, abortion, as well as plans for future pregnancy.Hormonal spiral shortens and abundant critical days, but the first three weeks, until the body is not back to normal, will have to abstain from sexual relations.

not only women, but men should be involved in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.The most common way - simply refuse to use not so beloved by many condom.A second, but less reliable - coitus interruptus.A very radical method - tying the seminiferous tubules.In recent years, developed actively conducted tests on volunteers male oral contraceptives.So it is possible that in the near future, the responsibility of contraceptive use will go to fragile shoulders of women to men.

most reliable methods of contraception are those that fit the woman's age, state of health and her life.And remember that with respect to the use of many drugs require prior consultation with a gynecologist.