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What to do when your child is lying?

And today - listen - he has already started to build a conscious phrases meaningful to talk and comment on everything that is happening to him and around himself.Parents are happy, they quickly learn it correctly pronounce sounds and construct sentences.Moreover, they immediately taught him to speak the truth.The truth and nothing but the truth.Because the lie - it's awful, it to anything good will not, the secret always becomes obvious.It gives every child from early childhood.He spoke - whether it is good, tell the truth.What to do when your baby is lying and how to help him?

cycle lies

It would explain to a child that lying is not good, we adults are doing everything correctly.But somehow it does not recognize - not only for children, but also themselves - that life without lies is almost impossible to do.Whether we like it or not, but it is the "varnishing reality" helps us to exist in this reality.People lie all the time: one on one, speaking on the radio and on TV, orally and in writing, in p

ublic and intimate conversation.People lie to parents and children, spouses, friends, colleagues, superiors, subordinates and even the occasional fellow travelers.And, of course, themselves.Is that your dog can not lie, it is not necessary for this - too few understand the words.Psychologists estimate that an ordinary person, a resident of the city, in constant contact with associates, the day telling the truth about forty times the average.They agree, and Dr. House, the protagonist of the cult series."Everybody lies!" - He says, and it's true.

I'm going until lying

most common type of lies - lies salvation.It is pronounced in the name of love, family, friendship, his "I" finally.Psychologists believe that the goal can be lying about how to achieve any goal, and try to avoid unintended consequences.Her husband praises new blouse of his wife, which she, to put it mildly, it is not coming, thanks for the wife of a completely unnecessary juicer, donated by her husband a birthday ... All are happy in the family peace.Another common reason lies - zakompleksovannost when a person wants to pay in any way the views of others and begins to ascribe to themselves the merits of non-existent.The reason for this lies in childhood childish lies instead to praise the man, his infancy tyrkat, setting an example to someone else who loudly sang, jumped higher, or better he said.Lying is wrong, and it is impossible not to lie.But if you really want your child to lie as little as possible, praise him and educate him self-respect and self-esteem.Strong, confident man lying much less.

from childhood

Children lie - one of the most studied by psychologists problems, but deal with it as yet no one had succeeded.Many scholars generally believe that the fight against child lie useless.First of all because we do serve children an example - there are insincere, to remain silent or openly lie, hiding their true feelings and thoughts.Our "good manners" - is often nothing but a disguised form of lies.So the ability to dodge and speak the truth in some children appear almost simultaneously with the mastery of speech - at the age of two years.If your child told you that jam jars ate his teddy bear, do not panic.The ability to invent a good reason - a sign of fast-paced brain activity.And the colorful images and excuses in the children's lies, so scientists believe, above the developed children's intelligence.That is, it turns out, you should rejoice, not to mourn - the child grows clever!After all, what is a lie?This fantasy profitably.The child very quickly need to get together and come up with a plausible story with all the detailed parts.A great exercise for the development of imagination and logic!So they practiced as they can.As soon as he began to speak, in two years, about 20% of the children strive to tell a lie, to three years, this figure reaches 50%, and is already stretching the truth to four of every nine.However, six years before the children themselves often believe in the truth of his fantasies and are not always able to distinguish the truth from what they came up with.


most insidious age - this 8-9 years: in a given situation is able to lie, and quite deliberately - almost every child.They do it, they say, with a straight face, lie deliberately, to get any benefit, or to shield themselves or their friends.Cynical as it may sound, but require the child's total truthfulness is not worth.It is an unattainable goal, and it is unlikely you yourself like the result of such education.It is important that the lie does not become pathological character traits.Child corrected two in a diary for five.Caught literally by the hand - but no, he persisted: "This teacher did, she made a mistake!" Why do not confess?It is understandable why - fear of punishment.Let him know that you are much more upset this unfortunate not two, because you can be honest and correct and that he resorted to deception.Buffaloes - so do not trust.Think about it, you're not too hard on him.The child is not lying out of fear of punishment, never shout at him or threaten.

Fool me

So, let's face it.One of the main problems in the relationship "between fathers and children" - it wont last cheat and dodge.Learning how to do this so that you do not expose all children try.And it turns out the gifted from infancy.Meanwhile, our task - to bring minors of liars to clean water.On the one hand, then, to still be aware of the true events of their lives, but on the other - give yourself something really admit - that, as adults, they have done more skillfully.How to understand that the child is lying to you?Agree, a lie - a kind of work.Trying to confuse the head of the other party, a liar strains and worries.He changed the pulse rate, respiratory rate, pressure, body temperature and physical activity.That's why liars give themselves that revolve, stutter, speak snatches, wheezing, or, conversely, increase the tone of voice, cough, yawn, lick their lips, fingering everything that comes to hand, shrug mated palm and put them in frontis on the table, hiding his hands under the table, smooth hair, scratching his nose, tweak earlobe.But even if your child is only seen in anything another, there is reason to doubt the veracity of his words!And yet, do not worry, when you caught your child to lie.Simply, he has grown up and become the same as you and I ...

Mobile lie

's hard to lie to the man, looking into his eyes.The writing is also not so easy - the ax, as is known, will not cut down.Studies by Jeff Hancock of Cornell University (USA) showed that 14% has to lie on the e-mail, 21% - on sms, 27% - for simple communication and 37% - for telephone conversations.In fact, people with a strong intuition in such cases feels some kind of trick, he hears the voice of his daughter, reported an unexpected test, prepare for which it must day and night with her friends, suddenly became higher than normal or, on the contrary, became hoarse.Or that her son suddenly spoke uncharacteristic fragmentary phrases, ... however, most parents easily kupyatsya the telephone lie.