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Parent Meeting: drugs and children

results of the study on the prevalence of substance use (alcohol, drugs) in secondary schools is alarming.Widely available, regular intoxication among young people is becoming the norm.For them, this kind of adventure, fun and challenging them to experiment.They do not feel fear for their lives - and the full horror of the situation.

In schools there are plenty of preventative programs aimed at providing students with in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to resist peer pressure or situation.However, these programs have limited capacity to develop appropriate approaches.The main place to be carried out the most important part of preventive work is the family.And what if a child chooses for himself a life without drugs, largely determines his education from an early age as a self-sufficient person.

Safe emotional needs of the child's experience

Andrew joined the company of drug addicts by accident. He met with a friend at a concert in the school. He was such a strangers. Teens were offering him "relax." first Andrew refused - he was on drugs and he knew the consequences of their use.Over time, he began to realize that in life it carries nothing.He was tired of all - school, computer games, constant quarrels with his parents.And his new "friends" did not leave him, convinced that they will always support that he is not alone.And he decided to try.Over time, the drugs to fill the void and boredom he felt for some time. And then began the most terrible ...

Your child needs to feel part of a group - your family.Do not let him be alone with their problems.In early childhood, his problems seem so small, we dismiss them do not give value.And the child grows up with the idea that to him no one cares.His problems are not interesting.

is also necessary to "dip" of the child in different situations, to give him experience something unique and unusual.Roughly speaking, the child should not get bored out of life.The best thing for the child - it is a sport, the arts, travel.Your child should get experience in experiencing strong emotions.Let him participate in sports competitions, performances or going to camp for the summer, for example.Lack of emotion and feeling amazing - that's what drives children to use drugs.

Support your child's interests and give him confidence.He is still actively looking for himself in the group and is committed to generating strong emotions - help him make the right choice.

formation of well-being and self-esteem of the child

Diana was always quiet and "slaughtered" a girl.Total afraid, shy, often withdraw into themselves.After the first experience with drugs, it suddenly became evident to all, uninhibited, bold.Diana remembered, she was confident and happy then. Drugs quickly became important and necessary for her well-being and a sense of their power.

Your child should have a sense of self-esteem.If you are not able to impart it to the child, it will be easier to gain confidence through drugs.They make it a leader at least some time.The only way he can feel really good and relaxed.The self-confidence that will miss your child every day, will be able to easily and simply give him drugs.
Teach your child to attach importance to their daily successes and victories.Praise him for even small achievements, most not the result but the effort.Give your child as much freedom and autonomy, how much he is able to take responsibility.Sign in trust to a child, you know what he does, thinks and feels.You must also be a student, not just the person who is the "giving".

Development of resistance to stress

Stas was never a good student. In the house, the parents constantly angry at him for poor performance.He was afraid of everything - afraid of school, parents' reaction to the evaluation of ridicule classmates.He was afraid, so much that he began to flee.He ran home from school to isolate themselves from their parents, peers.First tried drugs, he suddenly felt strong and believe in a better future. He believed that the decision will come by itself. Stas was harder to live without drugs, and less power for the real action was. Drugs have replaced reality in which there was nothing to be afraid of ...

Remember :
Your child should get the experience of behavior in a variety of difficult and stressful situations.Solving the problem will require a persistence and resistance.If you do not give the child to know the difficulties - he will never learn to cope with them.Rather, it will resort to drugs or drugs that will prevent the pain and feelings of helplessness.In difficult situations
support your child, but do not solve the problem for him.Do not hold it too close beside him, and does not protect against all adversity.React calmly when your baby is crying.So he learns from early childhood that can not immediately get all that for some of the things we should fight that not everything is done fairly.

statement became result of our impromptu parent meeting - drugs and children should not go through life together.And in our hands to make sure that they are never touched by life.Parents should, where possible, to hold the child through the process of education to prepare them for various situations.Including making decisions about drug use.However, the decision will always be a child.