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How to calculate the days that can not be protected?

So, first it should be noted that any similar method of contraception is not effective at 100%.Someone this may frighten, but the fact has long been confirmed by all.

Everyone has long known that pregnant or not get pregnant only on certain days.The ability of fertilization and conception depends on the viability of the sperm and the egg.In healthy women and women ovulation in the middle of the menstrual cycle.Doctors have determined that between the time of ovulation and subsequent menstrual cycle, there is a relationship, and rather constant.

Calculate "not dangerous" days can be given the following points:

  • for 10-18 days before the first day followed by menstruation, ovulation occurs;
  • viable egg during the day, or rather 24 hours;
  • viability of sperm is stored for 48-72 hours.

Highlights identified and are now relying on them it is possible to calculate the days that can not be protected.To do this, there are three methods.

method first.

first method on how to calculate the days in which

you can not protect themselves is also called the calendar.The essence of it is to track the length of the last 6-12 menstrual cycles.It follows from them to track the longest and shortest.As an example, we can consider the short duration of the menstrual cycle - 26 days, and the longest - 31 days.And with the help of relatively simple steps forward "not dangerous" days.To do this: 26-18 = 8 and 31-10 = 21.After the calculations, we can say that the days in which you can not protect themselves are all up to the 8th, and after the 21st.On the other days it is possible to conceive.

second method.

As the second method of calculating the days that can not be protected, called the temperature.The name speaks for itself.The point of this method is to measure basal body temperature for at least the last three menstrual cycles.There are several criteria for a correct and more accurate recording basal body temperature:

  1. measurement should occur every day at exactly the same time, in the morning;
  2. thermometer that is measured basal body temperature should always be the same;
  3. measurements should be immediately after waking up, in no case, not getting out of bed;
  4. measurements are performed for 5 minutes rectally, and the data should be immediately fixed.

Once all the data is collected, it is fashionable to build on schedule.If a woman or girl's menstrual cycle is normal, the graph will look like in the form of a two-phase curve.In the middle of the cycle can be tracked slight increase in basal body temperature from about 0,3-0,6º.When the moment of ovulation, basal temperature drops a few tenths of a degree.In the graph it will be noticeable immediately because the tooth is formed downward.

As mentioned above, the schedule consists of a two-phase curve.The phase with the lowest basal body temperature is called hypothermic, and the phase with the highest temperature - hyperthermia.When menstruation begins, the curve changes, going from a hyperthermic giportermicheskoy phase.Every girl paced recovery curve is absolutely unique.It can happen quickly within 48 hours, or vice versa slower.The number of days in which there is a rise in basal temperature curve, can be 3 or 4. Also, in some, there is a step character.

At a time when ovulation occurs, the transition from hypothermic to the hyperthermic phase.Thus, based on the charting for 4-6 months is necessary to determine the peak point of basal body temperature.For example, this is the peak point corresponds to the 10th day of the menstrual cycle.Furthermore, to delimit the abstinence period necessary to perform the following calculation: 10-6 = 4 and 4 + 10 = 14.From this it follows that obtained after the cut cycle calculations, i.e. from the 4th to the 14th is the most "dangerous", and means that calculated before and after the day can not be protected.

proved that the efficiency of this method is quite high.But it is always necessary to consider that any changes in temperature-related illness or fatigue can adversely affect the construction schedule and, accordingly, the right curve.Also, do not use this method to women and girls, are taking any hormonal medication.

third method.

third method in medicine called cervical.It is the change in the amount of mucus secreted from the genital tract during ovulation.

allocation does not happen at all or they are fairly minor, when the woman is completely healthy with a 18-day cycle until the onset of menstruation, as well as the 6th to the 10th day.

Slime, similar to raw egg yolk, stands out from the 10th to the 18th day.

viscous and thick mucus becomes immediately noticeable, and its appearance indicates the occurrence of ovulation.A woman or girl can identify the feelings the time of ovulation.Just enough to track a sense of "dryness" and "humidity" in the area of ​​the genital tract.

peak corresponds to the time of ovulation secretions.Simply put, the discharge becomes clear, watery and easily extensible.After the appearance of this mucus in 3 or 4 days, you can not protect themselves.

For those women who have had a disease of the vagina and cervix, using this method is not recommended.

So, of course it's the three most common methods to calculate the days that can not be protected.But, I repeat again, no one method does not give a hundred percent guarantee.So before you use them, be sure to consult a specialist.

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