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Medications - harm or benefit

But not all diseases can be cured.Thanks to modern drugs can smooth the symptoms, something to cure, but there are a number of diseases that are not treatable, and that's a fact.

Certainly, recent developments in the field of medicines to amaze and surprise.Medications by laboratories with ease fighting diseases and viruses that kill people for thousands and even millions of years.But whether all so rosy, really?We will not talk about what a medicine against many diseases and has been found, which means that each of us is in danger.We remember those side effects that have any drugs, the composition of which is useful one body and cause harm to others, and what to do to flatten them.

If you read the annotation to any medications, you may notice a warning available there.We are talking about what can appear side effects of this drug.But that is not all.After all, any drug that anyway affects our internal organs, it is absorbed into the blood, which in turn is circulated to all organs.Very often the trea

tment of certain diseases in humans there are others.Teething problems with the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, disturbed microflora.And this is not a complete list of harmful side effects that may result from the use of medicines.

That is why more people are turning to traditional medicine, the knowledge that came to us from our ancestors.Rejecting all the way from the reception of medicines created by chemical means, they are treated with natural herbs and bee products.There are instances when so people managed to cure many ailments, but not always.

Again, there is no unequivocal answer to the question, medication aides, or our enemies, they are helpful or harmful.

We can say only one thing.For the use of drugs, whether herbs or drugs, must be good evidence.Very often we self-medicate.Without any special training, we put a diagnosis and start treatment.We buy all kinds of cans, drink infusions.

And the good faith belief prescribes treatment currently better than it would have made a qualified doctor.But this is only an illusion and self-deception, which only gets worse.In such cases, most often, medicines, even the best and effective, become enemies.From receiving the wrong, they lose their effectiveness, are addictive and will not have the desired effect.

So how do to the drug became our assistants?The answer to this question is simple, like all brilliant.Firstly, it is not necessary to self-medicate.Whatever symptoms you overcame any, do not diagnose yourself for yourself.And especially not to prescribe treatment.Entrust the matter to professionals.That the professionals and not quacks who use magic and other miracle cures promise to rid of any ailments.Only after a thorough examination and get recommendations from your doctor, you can start the treatment.

But do not think that a handful of pills for breakfast, lunch and dinner will save you from poor health.In combination with medication, the ideal would be welcome and traditional medicine products.Medicinal plants have a great effect in many diseases, especially when used in treatment.By themselves, they may not be as effective, however, in conjunction with medication is often irreplaceable.Also in the treatment of any disease should pay attention to vitamins, the best natural, contained in fruits and vegetables.As well as fresh air and daily walks.

And yet, the key to effective treatment is your good mood.Smile to the world and do not take everything so seriously happening.It is easy to say and hard to do, but nevertheless.Only your inner confidence, a feeling of rest, vitamins, fresh air and optimally matched range of drugs - the key to recovery.I wish you health!

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