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The child does not want to go to school

Young children, with huge opportunities, nevertheless will get used to the new activity for myself for a long time - the first full academic year.The fact that such an adjustment to the school as it takes and what to do if the child does not want to go to school, and will be discussed.The acute period of adaptation which is sometimes compared with the cosmic overloads, at first graders usually lasts 30 weeks.At this difficult time, the child moved to a completely new activity for yourself, there are a lot of new people to his new requirements.Of course, all this is necessary to understand and accept.In the second step the body begins to look for ways to adapt to new circumstances, including physiological, this search phase.And then most of the guys somehow become accustomed to learning, find their place in the classroom.But there are children who are very difficult to adapt, and these are in almost every class.

hard to enter into a new world nesadovskie school children.Most of them are well-developed,

ready to learn, read and write, that they have been taught at home.But to communicate with peers, build a relationship with them, these guys do not know how.Experts say: the high general intelligence have a low level of socialization.

Children with high self-esteem can also be lost in the new circumstances.Accustomed to absolute success (including home-loving adults just be successful), they are the first to succumb to the difficulties.If problems are not resolved in the classroom, even prepared for school children may lose interest in school, look depressed, complain of headaches, abdominal pain, frequent colds.This is not a whim, baby really bad, uncomfortable and painful.This is the result that the child does not want to go to school.

Unfortunately, in these situations, parents often come into conflict with teachers accused school.And we must act differently.Wasting no time, refer to a psychologist!The negative attitude toward school, reluctance in the morning to go to class, the inability to work independently on homework, talk about what your student is a low level of adaptation and needs professional help.Some parents of first-graders and future students can do on their own to help them quickly adapt to the school.

Note the self-esteem of the child and how do you assess it.The main mistake of adults is that we constantly compare her with other children, and he often loses.It seems to us that the comparison we encourage the child to the growth, development, but actually repel any desire to somehow change, lowers self-esteem.Child affirms the idea that he can not, eventually he lost all desire to do anything!The result - the child does not want to go to school, do not want nothing at all to do, nothing pleases him, he does not carry.

In the first school year, parents will have to be especially careful, patient and sympathetic to the child.It should be interested not only in student evaluations, but in general the world of the child.The successes, of course, need to keep track of, but there are many important recess, which also consist of school children everyday.Listen carefully to the stories of the Child, to empathize, to support it.

Parents should gently emphasize the importance and significance of the study, homework.When a student sits for the lessons, lower the volume of the TV, to calm the younger children.Will the child to carry out homework on their own or in your presence at night, decide for yourself.But in the latter case is not rampant, do not make five times rewriting made faulty, remember that he gets tired quickly.

Never punish a child deprivation walk, he must walk two hours a day.Fresh air and physical activity it is necessary, and so he is in school in a static pose, posture and why suffer vision.

continues to develop fine motor skills of the hands of the student, directly depends on his success at writing.Hand develop all kinds of traditional children's art: modeling, carving, painting.The important is for the child to play, because playing, he learns everything, including relationships with other people.

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