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Natural methods of contraception: Pros and Cons

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development of modern artificial methods of birth control (such as, for example, oral contraceptives) as it distanced the issue of family planning methods from the natural.However, times are changing and conflicting views on the effects of prolonged use of artificial contraceptives again aroused interest prompted by the very nature of the methods of contraception.A certain period of fertility allows the couple to plan their sexual activity and thereby increase (or minimize) the possibility of the onset of their partner pregnant.Ovulation - the key moment of the menstrual cycle - is the result of a sequence of events under the influence of hormones of the pituitary gland and the ovaries.Out of a mature egg from the ovary usually occurs 12-14 days before the next menstruation.After ovulation, the egg is able to fertilize 24 hours.Since sperm can survive in a woman's body for up to five days, sexual intercourse a week before ovulation may result in fertilization.In fact, the conception of 24

hours after ovulation is highly unlikely.

Signs Fertility

to recognize the "dangerous" and "safe" days resorting to the analysis of a number of signs.The top three include:

• cycle - the period of time between periods;apart from the other signs of this parameter is not reliable;

• body temperature upon awakening - rises after ovulation;

• nature of cervical mucus - ovulation causes a change in its consistency.

Physical symptoms

Some women are able to perceive and some physical changes in the body, confirming signs of fertility.These symptoms include:

• ovulatory pain;

• repositioning and consistency of the cervix;

• spotting mid-cycle;

• sensitivity of the breast;

■ swelling of tissues;

• mood swings

The more features it allows for a couple, the more effective will the ENP.Careful control of multiple parameters increases the reliability of this method of contraception, up to 98%.Natural family planning has certain advantages compared to modern methods of contraception, however, it is not for all couples.


• NFP helps women better understand your own body.

• No side effects.

• The method allows you to plan or prevent pregnancy.

• ENP is acceptable to all cultures and religions.

• mastered by the pair does not require medical supervision.

• Responsibility for pregnancy is

on both partners, that only strengthens the relationship.


• It takes some time to learn how to use the method.

• The need for daily procedures and keeping a diary.

• Responsibility and commitment of both partners.

• The effectiveness of the method is associated with periods of non-sexual relationships.

• Rules follow the ENP is problematic for women with irregular cycles, during illness and stress after childbirth or abortion.

• The health care system does not provide qualified assistance in mastering the technique of the ENP.

• ECP does not protect against sexually transmitted infections by.

Full breastfeeding postpones the onset of ovulation after childbirth.Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) indicates the absence of ovulation.The contraceptive effect of lactation due to high levels of the hormone prolactin, which inhibits ovulation.Inhibition of ovarian function is largely determined by the frequency of feedings during the day and night, as well as how long the baby suckles.The establishment of lactation amenorrhea is a reliable method of contraception.Degree of protection against unwanted pregnancy up to 98% under the following conditions:

• the child is exclusively breastfed during the day and night at regular intervals;

• a child less than six months;

• absence of menstruation after childbirth.

development of modern technology has led to some convenient tools to measure the temperature, composition analysis of saliva and urine.These devices reduce the difficulty to control the daily minimum.For example, one of the systems is a miniature computer with a set of test strips for urine analysis.The system records the hormonal changes and the time of ovulation, marked in red and green start and end of the fertile phase.Ironically, the use of this device is less reliable in comparison with the classical methods of natural family planning.Subject to the rules of operation reliability of the system is about 94%.Continued testing of new devices that would be economically accessible, easy to use and reliable in terms of identifying the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

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