What makes yoga

This system eastern gymnastics aims to achieve absolute control of man over his own body, preservation and promotion of health, prevention of various diseases, to maintain an active lifestyle, to ensure efficiency.Yoga helps to achieve these goals through the development of proper breathing, compliance with diet, maintain the external and internal body hygiene, implementation of special complexes of physical exercise, self-monitoring of the operation of all systems of the body.Yoga helps to achieve a harmonious balance between physical and mental capabilities of man and helps to maintain a constant internal environment of the body - homeostasis.

Special exercises that form the basis of gymnastics yogis help improve the mechanism of the respiratory movements, a certain way to hold your breath than contribute to the expansion of the blood vessels of the heart and brain at the same time narrowing the peripheral blood vessels.

physical yoga exercises are characterized by a static voltage and some other st
rong stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons.As a result, it helps in some way affect the central nervous system and internal organs, than can boast of no other system of exercises.When yoga joints of the human body become a considerable mobility, which ensures greater flexibility, agility and beauty of the body.It is remarkable that people do yoga seriously, even in old age is not suffering from diseases of the joints.Some exercises of this system should be carried out literally standing on his head.In this position, when the legs are above the head, provided the outflow of blood from the lower limbs to the upper half of the body.It helps to improve blood circulation of the brain and lungs.Veins of the lower extremities "inverted" positions do not experience such loads as in the normal position of the body and therefore rest.However, these yoga exercises help only at the right and short-term implementation.Failure to caution such loads can lead to increased intracranial pressure and cause bleeding in the brain.

Focusing achieved during exercise complex yoga helps mobilize reserve possibilities of the human body.Proponents of yoga claim that by many years of training, you can even learn how to adjust the intensity of many physiological processes that can not be.

Meals yoga system implies a preference for foods of vegetable origin, milk and milk products.Eating meat, as well as sharp, smoked and fried foods is not recommended.Yoga also prevents overeating, explaining it by the fact that the energy must first be spent, and then to fill with food.

As you can see, yoga really helps achieve the health effect, so this form of occupation of the eastern gymnastics can be physically prepared to recommend to all people.However, starting any exercise only under the guidance of an experienced yoga and only after prior consultation with the doctor.

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