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Hardening kids: temperature, clothing and walks

temperature regime

The air temperature in the room where the baby is determined individually.It is better to seek boleeprohladnoy environment, which can vary from 20 to 22 degrees, but the quality of the determining factors are the still the child's condition and egoodezhda.

the room always has postupatsvezhy air.During warmer months, you can keep the windows fully open, vprohladnuyu weather - ajar or sotkrytoy window.In any case, whatever way you prefer, neskolkoraz day room should podvergatsyatschatelnomu airing.For example, in a cold room provetrivayutne least five times a day for 10-15 minutes.Best suited intensivnoeskvoznoe ventilation.Baby at the same time take out of the room.During sleep, the expense of ventilation air temperature in the nursery can be reduced up to 18-20 degrees.


chose for his crumbs comfortable clothing suitable for the weather, it is not easy, but it comes with experience.Orientirovatsyamozhete the following: baby clothes to wear one layer more chemn

adevaete themselves.

Not every kid makes it clear svoimroditelyam that while walking it's hot or cold, so you nuzhnokontrolirovat it yourself.Keep the temperature of its spout, handles, legs, skin color.Observe his behavior when you are on the street and track its status back home.So you can obespechitmaksimalny comfort your child and support him immunity dolzhnomurovne.


in the summer to walk mladentsemnachinayut immediately after discharge from the hospital.The first walk can dlitsyaminut 30, then added another day for 10-15 minutes.On fresh vozduherebenok must be at least two hours a day.Osobennomnogo summer walk.

In the cold season krohupriuchayut to cold air gradually.After discharge the baby endure only vhorosho ventilated room or on the balcony.After a week or two it is already possible organizovyvatkorotkie walks.The temperature of the outside air for one-dvuhmesyachnogorebenka should not be below 25 degrees for three or four months - not less 20gradusov, for children aged five to twelve months - not less than 15 gradusov.Pomimo temperature also take into account the humidity and windy, sohow etifaktory can also lead to a cooling of the child's body.

In cold mamochkipredpochitayut do two shorter walks than one long.Not zabyvaytesmazyvat face baby protective cream.

Walking, of course, be pridnevnom light.The sun stimulates the skin toddler vitamin D, which prevents razvitiyurahita, so the top of the carriage more often than not closed.Do not limit sebyaprogulkami on the balcony.Fabric, glass and polyethylene UV virtually propuskayut.V cold weather face the child is not close, but it is important to follow then that the head was in the depth of the baby blankets.

grow up healthy!

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