How to carry out hardening

essence hardening cold it is the gradual build-up effect on the body cooling.Start recreational activities like best with the adoption of air baths at an ambient temperature close to room temperature.2-3 first weeks of the duration of such procedures should be increased from a few minutes to a half hour.In the next stage of hardening can proceed to water procedures - pouring water, bathing, showering and bath.It is very important to carry out the regulation of temperature: the initial stage of the water temperature should be about 18 - 22? C, and thereafter every 5 days is necessary to reduce these values ​​to 1 to 2? C.As a result, water treatment should be carried out during the hardening at a temperature of cold tap water.

For those who are very susceptible to colds, be right to start the procedure of tempering with very simple procedures.For example, daily washing may well be used in the process of hardening.For this face first washed several times with warm water, then wash three times cool.Gargli
ng may also be used to form a resistance to the cold.To this should be carried out during the initial rinse water temperature of about 30? C, then every week to reduce this figure to 1-2 * C.This procedure should be performed 2-3 times a day throughout the year.

important stage hardening is everyday washing of the feet.Water temperature for this should initially be 28 - 30? C, and every 5 - 7 days, it should be reduced to 1 - 2 * C.

spring, starting with the first of May, you can begin to use another component hardening - sunbathing.Here again it is important to carry out such a procedure, paying attention to the principle of a gradual increase in load.Sunbathing is recommended to take no earlier than half an hour after a meal.However, be aware that in certain chronic diseases this procedure should not be carried out, so if you want to carry out the hardening by means sunbathing, first be sure to consult with your doctor.

accustomed to periodic effects of cold in the hardening process, the person thus increases its resistance to infections and frostbite.When used consistently and correctly carrying out the activities of tempering has been a slight increase in the thickness of the stratum corneum.This improves its insulating properties and also helps to better tolerate exposure to low temperatures.

wellness effect of tempering procedures due to the influence of systematic environmental irritating factors (cold) and the gradual increase of its dosage.However, if a person wants to constantly maintain its increased resistance to the cold, the complex procedures of hardening should be regularly, avoiding long breaks.In the event of termination of the required exercises made before tempering effect over time also disappears.

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