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Intimate hygiene girls entered into the first phase of puberty (7-11 years)

What is bleach?

Beli -istechenie from the genital tract.This phenomenon is typical for women of all vozrastnyhgrupp, since the neonatal period.According to the source of belipodrazdelyayutsya tube, uterine, cervical, vaginal, vestibulyarnye.Vydeleniya from the genital tract are a mixture of various biological fluids (plasma transudates, lymph fluid from the abdominal cavity), desquamated epithelium corpuscles elementovkrovi, fragments of cells undergoing autolysis, microorganisms, mucus from the uterine cervical canal, vestibular and paraurethral glands, smegma and other ingredients.

Beliuvlazhnyayut sexual channel and reflect the secretory funktsiypolovoy and drainage system.Beli may be slimy (like congee) ilivodyanistymi, light, milky and yellowish color, sometimes with kroshkovatymitvorozhistymi impurities.Highlight this nature may appear in devochek7-8 age, as a consequence of the initial hormonal stimulation, prisuscheyprepubertatnoy phase.Beli when dry can keep on walking chastitrusikov ti

ghts or white or yellowish spots.Selections nosyatneproizvolny character, can not therefore be limited opredelennymipromezhutkami time, iecan not be regulated, as the allocation izmochevogo bladder or rectum.To the untrained mothers devochekpoyavlenie cables can carry a painful character.


Zadachamateri when a whiter the girl to teach her to take care of hydration chtobypostoyannoe not lead to irritation of the skin of the vulva.This periodnelzya to wear tight pants or tights step that, when dense obleganiinaruzhnyh genitals are intensely moisturizes and inevitably rest on polovymgubam, causing friction and irritation of diaper rash.To avoid etihoslozhnyayuschih moments, it is necessary to wear underwear made of cotton, as well as free nosittrusiki or tights in step, then the discharge becomes meneeoschutimymi.

use pads

udevochek whites often take on the character of abundant secretions moisten nizhneebele and constantly violate these being girls.In such cases neobhodimoprimenyat absorbent pad, preferably made of natural fibers (cotton, flax), which are attached to the undergarment.They are convenient, they can change a few not the day.It is undesirable for this purpose to use wool - it gets wet, sticks kvolosyanomu cover and the skin of the vulva, turning into a wet wad.Instead togochtoby contribute to the purification of the vulva, wad of cotton wool spreads humidity, ainogda and smell.

How to wash

Vprepubertatnoy phase cables when a toilet of external genitals nadodelat more often than twice a day.Soap applied as necessary isklyuchayanamylivanie vestibule with a 2-3-fold change panties.

What to do with the hair on naruzhnyhgenitaliyah?

Prineobhodimosti hair on the external genitalia can be shortened, so that they do not uvlazhnyalisvydeleniyami not glued.

Intimate sprays

Kupotrebleniyu perspirant or "intimate" aerosol irrigation genitals are advised to treat with caution after exposure, due of allergic lesions.We must know that aerosols yavlyayutsyatolko additional tool and can not replace the basic hygienic care meropriyatiyapo external genitalia.

order not to stain her panties

togochtoby To prevent brown staining of the walking shorts or tights, it (makes it possible for a high content of protein secretions) before washing in hot vodeprezhde washed in cold water.

timely emptying of the bladder ipryamoy bowel

Vetot important period is the timely emptying of the bladder and rectum.Odnakomnogie girls tend to experience false shame and therefore rarely poseschayuttualety in public places, as well as in school.This leads to overfilling irastyazheniyu bladder.In the future it may develop atony urinary incontinence puzyryas.In addition, full bladder causes kstoykomu inflection of the uterus, there is an incorrect position of the uterus and its evacuation capacity (expiration matochnyhbeley, menstrual blood).Over time it can appear excruciating pain vpoyasnichno-sacral region.Regular suppress the urge of defecation (constipation privychnyeyunosheskie) is also fraught with inflammation endointoxication, formirovaniemkalovyh stones.


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