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How to teach children to quickly and correctly run

for proper running requires good coordination of movements of arms and legs, correct posture and setting foot on a support, which depends on the type of bega.Krome, in the rhythm of the race is important.Rhythm provides high speed duration of the run.Rhythm is typical for a run in the hall or nasportivnoy site.But running in areas where there are bumps, turns, ups and downs, requires the ability to quickly rebuild the coordination of movements.

How basics necessary to run obuchatdetey?

Preschool children need to learn to run fast, easy, rhythmic, well coordinating arms and legs.The child must be able to change the technique and vidbega depending on the conditions.On uneven ground running in zamedlennomtempe, uphill - in small steps, with mountains - wide.Games, when you need to type or play topoymat salokya or pyatnashek require skills dramatically change the pace, stop unexpectedly.

For two years the kid walks confidently and sometimes does popytkiuskorennoy walk.He leans forward and on bend

ed knees makes bystryesemenyaschie steps.I think he is about to fall.It is not yet running, but only sample a try.But fairly quickly, he really starts to run.The first steps etapeego still uneven, movement of arms and legs often are inconsistent.Stopumalysh puts heavy (just below the neighbors know when your child runs pokvartire).

gradually running becomes easy, rhythmic, harmonized.Rebenokinstinktivno learn to rearrange the foot from heel to toe.Eventually onosvaivaet different running technique.If you ask your child to quickly probezhatkorotkuyu distance, he will run vigorously on his toes, actively working with his hands.Nadlinnoy same distance he will act differently: run to the quiet pace, perestavlyayanogu from heel to toe and not actively working hands.

When a child is running properly, his body slightly bent forward, he looks straight.Bent at the elbows and shoulders move freely paltsypolusognuty.He sets foot smoothly to a greater extent on foreign Noskov chaststopy.At the moment of repulsion jogging leg is fully straightened and mahovayanoga, bent at the knee, hip pushed forward.When running napodem torso tilted forward, stride length increases, the foot becomes simply foot.In the course of a long slow run thigh centrifugal nogipodnimaetsya low.

Preschool children must master the following runs:

  • run in a calm pace (normal running);
  • running speed;
  • steeplechase and the inclusion dopolnitelnyhdvizheny;
  • running with the change of pace;
  • running slow.

running with high knees raised

Such alternate running with walking or jogging usual.Nogupodnimayut knees bent at right angles, put on the floor gently but vigorously and front chaststopy.Steps in this short run.Head held high, the body straight, slightly tilted back.The hands can be kept on the belt.Duration - ten dvadtsatsekund.

Running on his toes

Running on his toes, when the heel touches the floor, korotkimishagami done at a fast pace.Hands raised is low, you can arrange them on poyase.Prodolzhitelnost - ten to twenty seconds.

running stride

With this enhanced push and run time increases poleta.Rebenok like jumping over imaginary obstacles.Leg perekatyvaetsyas heels on the whole foot.Jogging leg while fully rectified for schetenergichnogo repulsion.Movements of hands-free, ground covering.

In this race, you can use rope, balls, gymnastic palki.Vypolnyaetsya at a distance of ten to twenty meters.

Running diverting bent legs

Such alternate running with the usual run.Leaning forward, the child removes posletolchka leg bent at the knee back, trying to get the heel of the buttock.Rukiderzhat belt.Duration - ten to twenty seconds.

Running with the cross step

child engulfing almost straight legs cross: the right to the left, right Alevis.Leg should be put on the foot.

Running leaps

Running jumps performed energetically, wide sweeping movements.Tolchokdelaetsya forward and upward.

Fast running

child runs wide rapid strides, torso vperedpo direction of travel.Make sure that he kept his head straight, shoulders dolzhnybyt deployed and tense.Foot put on the forefoot.Tolchkovayanoga after repulsion fully rectified, centrifugal brought forward vverh.Dvizheniya-hand active, moving in time with the steps.

Running fast is used in games with competitive elements.Egoprodolzhitelnost is five to eight seconds.It can be repeated four pyatraz, alternating with rest.

If your child is constantly engaged in running and doing it right, the current 6-7 years, he can run in a calm pace for 1 minute.Below are nekotoryeuprazhneniya that will help your child to learn different techniques of running.

exercises for children five to six-year, using different types of racing:

  • running on toes;
  • running with knees raised;
  • run with alternating small and wide steps;
  • run with the performance of any task;
  • running with a combination of other movements (rope, Smyach);
  • quick run ten meters (repeat three chetyreraza)
  • run at a certain speed for a distance of twenty-tridtsatimetrov;
  • shuttle run (three times ten meters);
  • alternating running and walking on two or three-hundred and sixty-otrezkahpo meters;
  • jogging at a moderate pace over rough territoriina distance of one hundred and fifty-two hundred meters;
  • jogging and a half to two minutes.

exercises for children six Semilet using different types of racing

  • running with retracted legs bent at the knees;
  • running without bending the knees;
  • running jumps;
  • running with a combination of other movements (rope, Smyach);
  • running stride over obstacles height ten pyatnadtsatsantimetrov;
  • speed skating - thirty meters distance;
  • running from different starting points;
  • shuttle run (five times ten meters);
  • alternating running and walking for three to four hundred otrezkahpo-hundred and fifty meters;
  • jogging at a moderate pace over rough territoriina away two or three hundred meters;
  • jogging for two to three minutes.

Pridumyvaytedlya child's play, including running, jumping, throwing and rolling balls.Arrange estafetyi little competition.At the same time always consider the mood of the baby, not prevyshayteego opportunities.Early on sporting activities should be pleasing to you and your child.

Rastitekrepkimi, healthy and cheerful!

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