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How to protect themselves during sex in various diseases

Unfortunately, it is different with women who suffer from chronic diseases.The list of diseases which require careful evaluation in selecting contraceptive sufficiently long.The most common chronic diseases that women face include hypertension, diabetes, and metabolic disorders.What methods of contraception are recommended to them?For information on how to protect themselves during sex in various diseases, and will be discussed below.


For women with hypertension are the safest pills containing estrogen alone.The alternative - IUDs.Why is that?As follows from observing estrogen preparations minimally increases blood pressure.Although these values ​​are small (a few mm Hg. V.), Which is not essential for healthy people, in the case of hypertension even a slight "jump" may pose a health risk.

First of all there is a risk of stroke and heart attack.When receiving the contraceptive it increases several times!Today, more and more doctors insists that in the case of high blood pressure

do not hormonal contraception should be used.We developed new methods of contraception binary.Consumption of such drugs do not violate the stability of blood pressure levels.

To check whether you are at risk, you need three times a day to measure their blood pressure.In addition, at least once a month, pays a visit to the doctor.If after six months you will not be put depressing diagnosis, it can be protected during normal sex hormone pills.


preparations containing estrogen and progestin, also pose a risk for people with diabetes, as they cause an increase in blood glucose and insulin levels.Only the use of low-dose tablets with 20 mg.allowed but under the constant supervision of a doctor (once a month).And only for those women who have diabetes, but they are not more than 20 years and they have no other diseases and blood vessels smooth, possibly taking conventional contraceptives..

High cholesterol

new products containing progestogen along with a natural estrogen (estradiol valerate), opened the possibility of using oral contraceptives for various diseases, including elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood.These pills work even as a cure - improve parameters of fat in the blood.All other tablets consist of ethinyl estradiol, which increases the level of "bad" cholesterol and reduce the level of "good."


standard hormonal tablet is designed for a woman weighing 50-70 kg.For women with greater weight, conventional control formulations may not be one hundred percent effective because of too low doses of estrogen and progestin per kilogram.For these women will be more effective IUD.Local methods are independent of the body mass and metabolism.

Who should not take hormones

serious digestive disorders such as gallstones, gastric and duodenal ulcers can get worse under the influence of pills.In this case, it is recommended other ways of protection during sex.For example, hormonal injections, spirals, condoms.

in diseases such as epilepsy and thyroid dysfunction there are no restrictions in taking hormones because they do not affect the aggravation of the disease.

in women with coronary heart disease, thromboembolism (after orthopedic surgery), atherosclerosis, heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, or take pills with estrogen dangerous.This can speed up the pathological changes in blood vessel walls.The use of estrogen can aggravate migraine because it constricts blood vessels of the brain: the result could be even stroke.So women at risk are recommended preparations containing only progestogen.

contraindications to hormonal contraception get absolutely all women with hepatitis C, as hormones - regardless of their nature - always give the load on the damaged organ.Safe sex is recommended for liver barrier methods such as condoms and vaginal ring.

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