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Can I put a spiral nulliparous girls?

operating principle of an intrauterine device, contraindications and side effects

Navy - a small T-shaped device made of silver, gold or copper, which is placed inside the uterus.This promotion of contraceptive blocks sperm in the uterine cavity, and even if fertilization occurs, the tube does not allow the fertilized egg to gain a foothold in the second half of the menstrual cycle, the egg abort.

Establishing spiral precede delivery of analyzes on hormones, smears on fungal bacteria gynecological examination to exclude infectious and inflammatory diseases.In the case of abnormal hormonal or detection of infection, before installing the Navy need to be treated.

The operating principle of an intrauterine device, contraindications and side effects

Side effects of this method is accepted to a small pricking pain in the abdomen, especially during sexual intercourse (this problem occurs in the first month after the implantation of a spiral), bloody spotting (usually dark brown).

As for contraindications, then they are the following factors:

  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • inflammatory diseases of the genital organs
  • cervical erosion, as well as polyps
  • benign and malignant tumors of the pelvic organs

We talk about contraindications to IUD.

In addition, today more and more gynecologists are inclined to believe that it is not recommended to put a spiral nulliparous girls.

Why can not I put a spiral nulliparous?

There are a number of reasons why this method of contraception is not suitable nulliparous women.Primarily, these women are at risk for complications of internal genitals may damage the cervix or cavity, which usually leads to infertility.There is also a strong likelihood that the female body, it did not know birth, produce expulsion (expulsion) of the device, which is also fraught with bleeding and possible complications.

Yes, in gynecological practice, many cases of intrauterine device implanted nulliparous women.But it is necessary to take into account that these young ladies are putting themselves at great risk of never experience the joy of motherhood.

Can I put a spiral nulliparous?

We hope we helped you answer the question: is it possible to put a spiral nulliparous.Despite its effectiveness, this type of contraception has its own characteristics, contraindications and the risk of complications.Therefore, gynecologists recommend to choose a different kind of protection against unwanted pregnancy.Remember that health - the most important thing that you have!

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