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yarn: Angora Ram melange 40% Mohair - 60% acrylic, 100 g / 500 m
tools: needles number 3
density of knitting: 1 cm = 2 loops
Size: From 36 to 41

Sledkov, knit - step by step instructions


  1. the spokes need to dial 30 loops - a sufficient number of knitting the heel.
  2. made by our Sledkov rim, this associate 6 rows in garter stitch, ieloops in the ranks of right and wrong - facial.

  3. continue to face embroidery and knit fabric 6.5 cm.

  4. heel for education must be linked to the scheme: 19 persons following loop knit 2 together, expand works related purl loops 9, following two together.So continue until the spokes will not remain 10 stitches.

Attention!the thicker the yarn, the greater should be the size of the spokes.Knitting foot protection should not take too thick spokes because binding should be sufficiently dense.


  1. Further, each side will add 10 loops, gaining their sides.

  2. Get back to the spokes 30 loops, knit front embroidery.Number of rows will depend on th
    e size of his feet.
  3. not dovyazyvaya 4 cm before the end of the fingers begin to diminish the loop under the scheme:

Facial series: 7 persons., 3 together persons. 10 persons., 3 together persons., 7 persons.Each row following personal ubavki do well, while on the sides of each row decreases with the number of loops 1 and 2 in the middle of the loop.E. The next front row: 6 persons. 3 together, 8 persons. 3 together, 6 persons.And so on. D. Until there are 9 loops.

purl rows knit in pattern.

closed top

  1. to close the top of the foot in each of the next row of the side will add 1 loop, with provyazyvaya in facial ranks of the central hinge 3 together.

  2. Knit the following scheme: in backstitches knit 9 rows of loops, 10th grab the side, in the ranks of facial knit 4 persons., 3 together, 3 persons., 1 grab the side.

thus closing the tip.Number of rows of the tops may vary, and the height of foot protection is desired.Loops close.

Sledkov with his hands ready.

This binding process is very simple in execution, it can cope with even the novice.And the result is remarkable Sledkov that will delight you with its beauty and warm feet.