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How to connect the main types of the column hook

Yarn: Podmoskovnaya (Yarn of Troitsk) 50% wool, 50% acrylic, 100 g / 250 m
Color: Scarlet
tools: a hook № 3

How to tie a hook bar - step by step instructions

The main types of columns:

  1. Polustolbik or connecting column.
  2. nakida Column with two or more.
  3. Lush column.
  4. embossed column:
    • convex column;
    • concave bar.

Each of these bars closer look.

  1. Polustolbik or connecting column.

    Typically, this type of column used for the pattern or to connect two parts of articles.Cloth, bound polustolbikom gets hard and thick.

    During knitting the hook is always one loop.Enter a hook in next st, pull the working thread and immediately passes it through the loop on the hook.It turns out the result as in the photo.

  2. nakida Column with two or more.

    nakida The more, the more filigree get your product.This type of knitting is used to create the lighter stuff and summer clothing patterns.

    The whole process is similar to the knitting bars with nakida.Changes only the amount of knit loops and it is

    connected with the number of nakida.It is important to remember that you can always provyazyvaete together only 2 loops.

  3. Lush column.

    This is an extremely decorative element.The most commonly used in clothing.Linked from any yarn - it looks beautiful, mohair, cotton.Difficult for a beginner.But once mastered columns with nakida, this member shall cease to be difficult.

    to create a lush column must be nedovyazat several columns with nakida.Moreover, they are knitted into a single loop.That is, do nakida, enter the hook into the next loop pull the working thread and provyazyvaete only the first 2 loops on hook.Then, repeat the operation all the same the next loop and no matter how dovyazyvaete post with nakida.Such dovyazannyh not until the end of the columns with nakida you must have three.And now you grab a working thread and stretch it through all 4 loops on hook.

  4. embossed column.

    As magnificent column carries more decorative function.There are 2 types of relief pillars: a concave and convex.It depends on the purpose of knitting.On the children's booties to create a side, knit convex.On any clothing and accessories can alternate concave and convex bars.It is necessary to create an original and very beautiful product.

Embossed columns are from the second series of articles, t. To. Provyazyvayutsya for columns of the previous row.

  • convex column.

    knits as if the inside of the product.And the outside looks like a small indentation into the product.More shown in the video.

  • Concave column.

    knits on the wrong side.A more detailed process is shown in the video.

It all major types of columns hook.