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Comfortable slippers hook

  • old baby jersey knit
  • Hooks № 2,5 and number 2, № 1
  • Yarn (100% acrylic) and black mustard - 80 g
  • insole ready
  • awl, scissors

density of knitting in our version - 1.2 loop = 1 cm, top sneakers - 3 hinges = 1 cm. Size - 32.

Home slippers crocheted - step by step instructions

  1. Before starting to knit slippers hook, you mustto prepare a working material.Cut jersey knitted narrow strips (0.3- 0.5 cm), is wound into a ball.

    Council: that there was no connection of knots, fabric is cut in a spiral.

  2. Now with the help of sewing done on the perimeter of finished insoles holes at a distance from each other approximately 0, 5 cm. And using a hook №1, tied insole thin acrylic yarn.

  3. Then change on the hook № 2,5 and raise the first row of knitting yarn making poles with nakida.Further, knit scheme.

4. knit, so 4 series, 5 series, only 12 were binding heel loops.Raise knitting 7 series and gradually diminish extreme loop provyazyvaya relief columns with nakida over the front wall

.Should this happen, "utyuzhok" as in the photo.

5. Now go to the top vyvyazyvaniyu slippers.See Diagram 2. At a distance of about 10 cm from the top of the front of the slippers, we collect a chain of 22 stitches, lift loops around and knit two rows of columns with nakida making extreme and start connecting loop.Then continue to knit in a circle two more series and change the color of the thread.Close the columns without nakida.Making the fringe.At the beginning of the top (of a chain of air loops), knit snakidom columns like this: each of the second loop vyvyazyvayut two.

6. Now raise the sidewall slippers scheme 3. Recruit bars without nakida around the oval, combining extreme loop on the front part of the slipper.Knit item.nakida with 4 rows and columns without nakida finish, made it to the canvas lightly wrapped inside.

cozy slippers hook ready!They can be decorated as you wish.

This model can be worn without orthopedic insoles, linking the insole made of felt.How to tie it hook, you can see in the photo, which shows the tying of orthopedic insoles.

Photo - Tying orthopedic insoles

That's all.Enjoy your handiwork!:)