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Openwork crochet shawl

Yarn: Unity Light TAIGA Bohemia (Trinity) 50% wool, 50% goat down, 50 g / 225 m

Color: bleaching.Consumption of yarn: 500 g

Tools: Hook №4

Size: 150 cm * 150 cm

Our shawl will consist of two parts: the canvas border.

size of our fabric should be about 140 cm * 140 cm, the edge of the shawl, which will fit in around the diameter = 10 cm. The pattern consists of a fabric repeats.3 rapport = 36 loops that = 20 cm. So, we need to score 264 loops to get 22 of the report and not to spoil the picture.

Note: after washing any product knitted a little bit, but it gives shrinkage.So we do a little more repeats.

Warm shawl crochet - step by step instructions


  1. Recruit 264 aerial loops and knit by the scheme.

  2. Carefully consider the location of the loops.In the first row are knitted 5.n. A quarter century.n. chain.

    Please note: if you stick to the scheme, the entire job will be to go - back.That is the first series ended, turned knitting and begin work on the second row.We finished i

    t, turned and followed by knitting 3 series in which there are elements called "pico", as they knit shown in the video.

  3. Knit until until the whole picture is made.

  4. Knit 10 bands finished elements.Then, cut the thread, go back to the first row and knit from it in the opposite direction and 10 bands.

turns mesh pattern.


Each shawl has fringes in this case - it's a beautiful harness.Because the proposed scheme we select for themselves only the last 4 rows.

We get a pattern.

Beautiful and very warm shawl associated with their hands ready!

This can be a wonderful gift for mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, sisters or for myself!

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