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Prevention of early pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy - a problem of society

Successful strategies to prevent early pregnancy include programs to improve social development, responsible sexual behavior, as well as the improvement of counseling and delivery of contraceptives.

Many of these strategies are carried out at the level of the family and society.

preventive talks, films with the participation of Medicine play a key role in trust, calm discussion about reproductive health, responsible sexual behavior (including the use of condoms, contraception).This dialogue should start before the onset of sexual activity and continue throughout adolescence.

The issue of prevention of teenage pregnancy care today, and parents and doctors.

Why in our time are many cases of early pregnancy?There are various socio-economic causes of teenage pregnancies, and one of the main is that teenagers have sex, do not think about the consequences and refer to this issue is irresponsible.Sexual relations are due to pregnancy.

Teens need to be aware of

the consequences of early sex, to control their impulses and to learn to be sexually responsible young people.

prevention strategies

Education can be one of the main weapons the prevention of teenage pregnancy.In schools where sex education is provided, can not only help young people understand the characteristics of early sexual life, but also its consequences.Many programs provide for abstaining from sex in adolescence.

In most developed countries, prevention programs aimed at reducing the number of teenage pregnancies.These programs are aimed at improving contraceptive use and changes in the behavior of associated with teenage pregnancy.Youth social development programs targeted social and psychological skills needed in order to avoid high-risk behavior of young people, such as earlier onset of sexual activity, to feel the support of society and monitoring by parents.

Hurdle early dating

prevent early sexual communications and unwanted pregnancies can and should be joint efforts with the participation of parents.

should encourage friendships with peers, their common walks, trips to the cinema and theater.Involve your child in sports, let him invite a group of friends to his house to watch a movie or listen to music, to the time to be in a pair and was left alone.

Advice on contraception

pregnancy prevention largely depends on the actions of health professionals who play a key role in the use of contraception.Success in this respect can have a profound impact on teenage pregnancy: the pregnancy rate is 85 percent among young couples who are sexually active for one year without using contraception.

Doctors strongly recommend that all young people to participate in open discussions or confidential discussions on early sex.Consultations should include a complete medical information about responsible sexual behavior.These active discussions should continue throughout adolescence.

Easy access to contraception could play a key role in preventing teenage pregnancy.Today, there are a variety of programs to prevent teenage pregnancy, whose representatives handed out free condoms to teenagers.Such actions help to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.