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Parental involvement in the education of pre-school children

first years of life

in age from 1 year to 2 years old children are becoming more independent and curious.They know the world with interest.Toddlers are energetic and are constantly in motion.The task of parents - to help them understand certain situations, because the behavior of children at this age are often changing.They copy the adults, trying to help in some homework, but do it very slowly and clumsily.Parents should encourage the child in these situations, the love of work has a positive effect on the process of further education of the kid.

From 2 to 5

child grows up, changing his character and habits.Toddlers a desire to be helpful.They love to play with their parents at home and on the street.Education in the preschool age feelings of friendship helps to ensure that children are friendly to their peers in preschool, play, and communicate with them, do not provoke conflicts.

in pre-school education for parents to pay attention to the child that is good and what is bad.Avoid frequent us

e of the word "no" will interest the child in the performance of other activities offered to them in return.Parenting Preschoolers - is a complex process, so parents can always seek help from a psychologist to obtain the necessary consultations.

good atmosphere

Try razgovarit with baby gentle, quiet and calm voice.Even a child who seemingly does not understand anything, react to intonation adults.Do not allow yourself to raise the tone, even if you are very nervous or unhappy with the behavior of the child.Parents should teach your son or daughter from an early age a kind word.A child who has grown up in an atmosphere of friendliness and kindness will be gentle and kind in the future.

Education diligence

Due to its activity, preschoolers are like ants, who are constantly engaged in some in the business and always in motion.Too bad if the parents still want to perform for the child, saying that he still has time accumulated over their lives.Such a child can easily become lazy and in school age will avoid performing assignments at school and at home.Kid strives for independence.Give him an opportunity to fasten buttons, dress, gather your things.Do not take his initiative.Allowed to do all possible for him to work with you.Systematic this process - a guarantee that the child will grow up hardworking.

value of personal time

education of preschool children should be based on how to teach a daughter or son to properly allocate and appreciate the time, clearly adhere to the agenda, which is in daily compliance can reach automaticity.This factor will be very useful when the child starts school.


education of preschool children should be based on mutual trust of parents and child.We need to educate the child so that he is always able to share with his father and his mother, sadness or joy.

Do not blindly to satisfy all the requests and the baby to be his errand.This causes the so-called "disease" - selfishness, narcissism, in adolescence and young adulthood necessarily affect relationships with friends and loved ones.

Parents should not alienate the child's excessive rigor and do not bully him.In the future, it may create a chasm between them.Never showed indifference to the affairs of the child.

main task of parents is to nurture and prepare the child for an independent life.Parents should be a model and an example for your child.

task of parents - lay in the soul of the child the best of everything, and then they will be happy in your old age!

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