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Warm socks hook

Yarn: TAIGA Bohemia (Trinity) 50% wool, 50% goat down, 50 g / 225 m.
Color: bleaching
yarn consumption: '80
Tools: Hook №4
density knitting basic knitting: Horizontalm = 2.2 loops of 1 cm.
socks size 33

How to tie socks hook - step by step instructions

Knit gum:

  1. Knit will be in 2 threads.To start typing 15 v.p.- is 8 cm. Of the finished product.

  2. 1 lifting loop and knit over the back wall or in a half loop 15 Art.b / n.

  3. Thus provyazyvaem 33 series.It turns gum leaf length of 16 cm.

  4. then connect the two ends together and connect the connecting columns.We continue knitting in a circle.In each vertical row of gum knit 1 tbsp.b / n.Sincerows in the gum 33, and the loop in a circular row should be the same at 33. Knitting rear wall 6 together.

Forming heel:

  1. For this provyazyvaem 16 loops Art.b / n, forming a wall of the heel.Turn the product on and knit the second row.All the action is repeated eight rows.Getting rounding.Divide 16 loops into 3 parts, turns 5: 6: 5 That is
    , the central part we have 6 loops, and it will always be the same.Provyazyvaem loops polustolbikami 5, 6 secondary loops Art.b / n.Further, the decrease begins: take turns pulling out the next two loops of the previous series of thread on the hook, thereby obtaining 3 loops on the hook.

  2. Grab a working thread and stretch it through all 3 loops.Eagle Eye is one loop.Turn the product, skipping the first loop of the previous row, and starting from the second loop, knit 6 st.b / n.We carry out the scheme ubavki hinges now on the other end.Repeat this action as long as all the side hinges will not knit.You should turn heel as in the photo.

Wedge instep:

  1. continue knitting in a circle Art.b / n.We reach the first corner and begin to diminish the loop as shown in the video.
  2. Provyazyvaem 2 loops of the previous row together.Then knit columns without nakida.Ubavku repeat every time you approach the two corners of the product, thereby forming a wedge foot.Narrows as long as the number of loops in a circumferential row equals 33. This turns 6 rows ubavki.

  3. Next, knit 22 rows of circular spiral Art.b / n, creating the necessary length of the sock.

Formation toe:

  1. Generate sock we using the subtraction of loops on the four sides of the product.That is every 7th and 8th loop provyazyvaem together in the next row every 6th and 7th loop, etc.When all the loops are knit, cut the thread and tighten.

  2. Then hide the tip of the filament inside the sock.

warm children's socks ready.

Assign your own hands, such socks is a snap.This method is very simple crochet, step by step and thanks to the instructions and photos, the process can handle even the novice.

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