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Mata Hari - a spy or a courtesan?

So, the future star was born in an ordinary family of a Dutch factory Hatter.The girl was a good student in school, but study it eventually ceased to interest.Mata grew up, family life began her buffet and to get rid of annoying family care girl decided to become an independent, using a proven way of marriage (in the newspaper ads, she found that the Dutch army captain Rudolph McLeod looking for life partner and already in 1895 itShe married him at the age of 18 years).

young wife with her husband went to the island of Java in Indonesia (at the time the island was a colony of the Netherlands).At first, the young girl enjoyed family life, but very quickly it has grown hateful to her.During his marriage mate liked to go with her husband at social events officer and dance before a respectable audience, her husband, of course, it is not liked and finally had a couple divorced in 1903.

Hari left the baby to her husband, and she no money and education went to conquer Paris.Mata divorced her husband because
he beat her, drinking and blame all their problems.

Paris of the early twentieth century, was fond of the East and all that it involves.Adventuress dancer Hari decided to act, because at the time of her marriage she studied Indonesian dance and she liked it.After watching a dance number no less famous dancer Isadora Duncan at the time, Hari decided for themselves that in future earn their bread is dancing.

Two years later she opladiroval beau monde of Paris.With their performances, she has traveled the best theaters in Europe.Her performance began dancing and striptease ended, so it is no wonder that the conservative European countries, her performances were very popular, in fact, few of the dancers on the stage laid bare.

Mata was a reasonable woman, because before you start to speak, she invented a sonorous pseudonym, dissolved the mysterious rumors about himself, and think through a good stage design and costumes in which she performed.Hari had a small breast size, so during her speech she ogolyalala not completely, and hid it under the decorations.

Mata Hari loved men, and they adored her.She changed lovers like gloves, loaded with presents its gifts that were the whole state, because it went bankrupt, but she was not interested, because she liked the diversity of men.Hari openly took money from men for their sexual services.Later at the trial about espionage, it recognized the fact that there was vysokooplachevanoy representative of the oldest profession, but not a spy.

Rich men were interested in her as a trophy hunters are interested in, and in most cases the woman she sought contact with a man who she liked and further relationships developed exclusively for its scenario.The list of her lovers included all the French elites, as well as many foreign bankers and government officials.

Mata Hari was the most expensive and popular courtesan, despite its model parameters is not their time.As you can see, it did not lack in men, loaded with presents that her money and gifts, but she loved to live in luxury and play cards, so despite what had large sums of money, they are often lost it and took a loan,so this woman was always in search of money.

During the First World War, she moonlighted espionage (as in time of war it could not give its views, and a dancer's career came to an end, but the man continued to be interested in this woman), she managed to work at once on two reconnaissance (French and German).When the First World War, Mata Hari was just on tour in Germany and she barely managed to return to Paris.There she realized that dancing is no longer able to earn and began to look for other methods of earning.At this time, Hari renewed relationship with his long-time fan, the Russian military Vadim Maslov, he fought on the side of France.Dancer soon decided to visit Maslova, who was lying wounded in hospital, but to see him, she needed a military permit, which gave French intelligence.

French intelligence had long suspected this woman of spying and issued passes for her began shadowing.However, Mata has not been seen in espionage and intelligence leadership of the French invited the woman to dinner, where she was asked to start spying for France.Hari agreed and asked for their services million francs, but she was offered a 25 thousand for each unmasked a German agent in France.

Mata delivers a spy and soon goes to Madrid.Spain at that time was a neutral party and it led his espionage activities in many countries.Do not get there any precise orders from the German or from French intelligence, she began to turn provide secret information to both countries, she received it from their high-Spanish lovers, she is known to have had two opposing sides.

paradox of its espionage activities in Madrid lies in the fact that the Germans and the French gave her the information clearly, and so that was already known to all.As a result, the Germans and the French began to look for a way of getting rid of a useless spy.

winter of 1917, Mata Hari returned to Paris, but then arrested her and begin to judge, accused of spying for an enemy Germany.At first she does not agree with the fact that she was charged with, but later admitted that she once took money from a German spy, arguing that it lacked for furs.

French press, which had previously idolized dancer began to Spalt newspapers mixed her name with mud.The court sentenced Mata Hari to the death sentence, and none of the senior officials-lovers did not come for her.As he tried her lawyer-lover Hari not pardoned.Before his death, she wrote two letters to her ex-husband and daughters, but they are never reached, and all her correspondence was transferred to the prison archive.October 15 it was shot.A dancer was not requested by any of the family, so that it was subsequently used in anatomic order.

After her death for more than one decade of debate about whether it was really a spy, and did not cease until the end of the 30s German intelligence official announced that Mata Hari was recruited in 1915 and has undergone an appropriate short training.It turns out, she also served in two exploration and espionage games was the victim of two great powers, since it obtained the data of little value.

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