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The tragic fate of Edith Piaf

was born the most famous French singer in 1915 semeakrobata and unsuccessful actress.Edith Giovanna Gassion was not particularly zhelannymrebenkom and final time her mother left and her father (an acrobat) was then nafronte.After he returned home, he learned that his daughter lives is not clear where and with whom.The girl lived in unsanitary conditions, and that it does not meshalavzroslym, her milk has long poured alcohol.Edith's father took his daughter and sent to svoeymateri Normandy, his mother worked as a cook in a brothel.

It vpublichnom house became known that the girl is blind, then to help svoeyvnuchke grandmother went to the monastery and pray for the recovery of her granddaughter, and, lo and behold, Editprozrela.At 6 years old she saw the light, eventually went to school, but skoreona stopped there to learn, because parents do not like to see near svoihdetey girl from a brothel.Then the father takes the girl to Paris, where his acrobatic performances just a girl singing.

life with his father does not distinct from life in a brothel, the father often changed his mistresses, girl roslasama own from time to time, when he got drunk, stuck to Edith.Devushkaponimala that the house needed urgently to go.In 1932, at age 17 onapoznakomilas father to his daughter, Louis Dupont, but the relationship of a young couple at the non-folding, Edith takes the child and begins to live separately.At this time in Paris raging "Spanish flu" iEdit, and her daughter Marcel sick, but she dies.

Killed goremdevushka, which is not yet 20 years of lack of money for the funeral docherireshaetsya on a desperate act to prostitution.It was her first iposledny time at the hotel noticed her rich, invited into the room and asked zachemona is doing Edith frankly admitted that it lacks the 10 francs to buy the coffin of his daughter.Surprised wealthy Edith gives 10 francs (onarasskazala and they talked about their destiny and doing what), and wrote the address on the paper of the cabaret, which will be held on sleduyuschiyden listen to young singers.Edith auditioned ins over the next two years Zhernis restaurant serves, at the same vremyak it comes to the popularity of her first.

restaurant owner Edith vsempremudrostyam teaches singing activities, and comes up to her nickname Piaf chtop French means sparrow.After the death of his mentor Piafznakomitsya poet Raymond Asso, etotchelovek not only became her lover, but her personal stylist, because he taught secular manners EEBC.

And behold, there came her finest hour: vsamom Piaf was invited to sing the famous music hall in Paris, "ABC."The public took her singing svoskhischeniem, and the press wrote that the French star was born mirovogourovnya.At the age of 30 years it is popular and in demand, for her writing scripts iPiaf is not just a singer, but also an actress.Despite populyarnostblondinok that were pretty much nondescript little Piaf in Editprevraschaetsya movie star.On the set of the next film Edith Piaf, and is smooth while the famous Yves Montand turn into lovers.It is a few letstarshe it, and experience it more, becomes his protégé in helping to become popular.

Edith Piaf had a habit of helping all her lovers -one realized, other material.Even Edith famous for its umeniembrosat men in her life, she is clearly of the view that nuzhnobrosat men before they start to think about it.All of her lovers onasoderzhala, and after the break in relations gave several ties and blue sviter.V result, two years relationship with a handsome Montand, she throws him ochenvnezapno.

The tragic fate of Edith Piaf

In 1947 she toured America, initially touring myagkogovorya proved to be a failure, because the Americans did not take her singing and osvistalipevitsu later in the press even write that sang Piaf and her comical bylpohozh English to Spanish.They wanted to see a magnificent woman, and on stage stoyalamalenkaya and tortured look puny with a woman, but soon vremeniamerikantsev still captivated her voice.

Edith Piaf loved the man's attention and at the same time could imettroih more lovers, they took turns, and she continued to conquer the stage.Eynuzhny had passion and romanticism, when these feelings disappear, it brosla of iliinogo man.The singer odnazhdypodshuchivala that if we collect the numbers of all her lovers, it will tselyytelefonny directory.And here, in vremyagastroley she meets the love of his life - Marcel Cerdanya togdashnimevropeyskim boxing champion.

The tragic fate of Edith Piaf

Marcel Edith invited on a date and snachalaoni friends, but soon developed into a serious friendship otnosheniya.Marsel was the only man on earth with whom Piaf was samyedlitelnye relationship.He conquered his ability to listen to Edith, to think, to understand, he spent his money on it, and protected from everything.

Cerdan and Piaf svoiotnosheniya not hide, she was his mistress, and he is a married man with three children.

Ofitsialnayazhena Cerdan even made friends with Piaf, and her children doted in the singer (although such warm relations official mistress and wife Cerdan's death began a lishposle Marseille).

Their romanzakonchilsya tragedy Marseille during the flight by plane from Paris to New Yorkrazbilsya, Piaf went into the bout, but nevertheless continued from time vremenirabotat.Nerves, she cut off her hair.As a result, the singer turned valkogolichku, let herself go drunk on stage and her career as lichnayazhizn derailed.Piaf could not numb the pain after the loss of a loved one.

Once she started talking with the dwarves on stage, after doctors diagnosed her bylpostavlen called delirium tremens.After a time, she decided pokonchitzhizn suicide, but she was rescued.Two years after the death of Piaf Cerdan gets into a car accident, after which her doctors literally gathered at the hospital kusochkam.V to dull the pain, she was given morphine and soon she was mozhetpredstavit not imagine life without the drug.

over the next four Singleton works exclusively on the drug and works very hard, so kakizvestno that morphine causes depression and in this state it is difficult to work with.

Once in a drugged haze she saw the face of his mother, who died years B50 overdose of morphine and the singer decided to completely engage with etimnarkotikom.Piaf got rid of the addiction to morphine, but continued upotreblyatalkogol.

Despite his addictions, Edith continued to work, and takzhekrutit novels.The last was the love of her 27 year-old hairdresser Theo Lambukasa.They met in the hospital (dlitelnoeupotreblenie drugs and alcohol nemogla not affect her health), where Piaf was treated for liver cancer.Soon theoi Edith married.At the joint photographs and he and she looks happy.

The tragic fate of Edith Piaf

In1963 year Piaf dies, and her young husband left with nothing, because everything emuostalos the famous actress - is its debt that he was forced to oplachivatposle her death.

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