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Lana Turner: life as a movie, a movie like life

Whatever you say, and the best film of one of the most sensual iglamurnyh classic Hollywood star Lana Turner at all times prinyatoschitat "The Postman Always Rings Twice" (1946).And if the word "call" podrazumevatubiystvo, the fate of an actress identified two such "call."

«The girl in a sweater»

One rainy evening, 1929 in the life of Julia DzhinMilfred Frances Turner (aka Lana Turner in the future) when she was 8 years, there was the first of the "call."The father of the future actress podrabatyvalklerkom day in one of the offices, the evening conducted vpodpolnom the gambling house.At one of these "meetings" Card Club, a quarrel arose as a result of which the head of the family Turner was shot iskonchalsya.This tragedy has completely changed the life of a girl who was obrechenavsyu live life in the small rural town of Wallace, Idaho.Poslegibeli father of a young girl's mother (she gave birth to Julia at age 16), with docheryuotpravilas in search of happiness in California.But her happiness di

d not udalosnayti, unlike Julia.

in 16 years devushkavpervye debuted on screen, playing a role in the film with the prophetic title "is not forgotten."In this film, she was just one episode - vpridorozhnom cafe girl in very slinky sweater drink "Coca-Cola".By the way, after this film came to be called Julia Lana that famous California Spanish yazykeoboznachaet "wool" (Lana - "a girl in a sweater).In the official biography of the actress stated that it as a star "lit up" well-known film journalist at the time, who noticed the girl was in takomsvitere in one of the cafes.But in fact, since 15 years, she obivalaporogi studios wanting to get into film.

romance with millionaire Howard Hughes and producer (who in "The Aviator" played by Leonardo DiCaprio), brought Lana big roles.Imeyaocharovatelnuyu appearance, actress legkovoploschala screen images insidious temptresses, and in a short time stalakumirom Americans - pictures with her picture having fun on the wall almost every family.Starting 50th marked a failure, due to the fact chtoneskolko films with the actress failed.Here's the pozvonilpochtalon this call and heard it all.

«Successful Woman»

Special rates on Lana did not make the movie, but it was successfully vyytizamuzh purpose.For the first time the actress walked down the aisle in 1940, in vozraste19 years.Her husband became a popular musician Artie Shaw.But as Lanausilenno trying to reconcile the irreconcilable - family life and hiking storonu- marriage lasted only eight months.It is because of their lifestyle ipohodov left within the Hollywood actress was named "Queen nochnoyzhizni."

After Lana marry seven times.Its successful muzhyamibudut millionaires, businessmen, actors and even a hypnotist.And for znamenitogogollivudskogo restaurateur Stephen Crane actress married twice (in 1942i in 1943), giving birth to him in 1944, his daughter Cheryl.

the end of the '50s actress's personal life and career leave zhelatluchshego.She is divorced and there nalyudyah with the local gangster Johnny Stompanato.April 4, 1958 razdalsyazvonok and police chief told that Johnny was stabbed to death in spalneaktrisy.

History, rasskazannayanochyu

According to the testimony of mother and daughter, the cause of death of Johnny stalassora that arose due to the fact that the actress did not want to take natseremoniyu award "Oscar" - he raised his hand and Lanait's uvidelachetyrnadtsatiletnyaya Cheryl, who grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the stomach gangstera.S daughter took a written explanation, but instead of the girls on the court acted samaLana, where he has played the best role in life.The court session vtechenie hour broadcast all over America, and together with a woman crying vsyastrana and breathlessly awaited the results of the court.The Court unanimously came kmneniyu that it was "justifiable homicide."Some cynics only once razvspomnili film "The Postman Always Rings Twice" where justice precisely takzheostalos fools.

Puzzled law

Johnny Stompanato died around the beginning of the tenth, new police about the incident was reported just after an hour.During this Period of time Lana managed to call his mother, who immediately rushed to the personal attorney, who is very famous in Los Angeles and for their ability to win business samyebeznadezhnye he wore status "advokatadlya doomed."By the way, the lawyer was accompanied by his private detective.These people have a lot of time to come up before the arrival of police history.

situation has been resolved, but the blood beside the corpse did not exist, even though the detective was soon admitted to the hairdresser secret that krovibylo lot.This indicated that John was killed in bed, then belesmenili, and the corpse was moved to the floor.And the fingerprints on the gun ubiystvatak and did not find that the actress bought this same day.A frank makeup girl did eenamnogo older.Immediately remembered the rumors that surrounded the last razvodaktrisy she filed for divorce, becauseI noticed that her husband had his eye on Sherli.Plyus everything one nosy reporter found a note in the house otSherli, with an invitation for sweet ... But by the police this zapiskaostalas not taken into account.

Pleasant and ochenposledstviya

Once the trial is over, Lana Ternernezamedlitelno received an offer to play the main role in the film, kotoryynosil eloquent title of "Imitation of Life" (1959).The film was one izsamyh cash of his career of actress and provided her invitation to the shooting dosamogo early 80-ies.Turner was able to acquire a considerable fortune and eschetri times managed to marry the least wealthy men.Daughter Lanyparu years spent in the hospital for the mentally ill, coming out of her probovalasebya like real estate agents, and one day acquired a "friend" and told the mother that she was a lesbian.

Lana took her daughter as she is, and even more, the girlfriend's daughter started calling his second daughter.It was not until 29 years iyunya1995 when Lana Turner, at the age of 74 years, died of cancer.All svoenemaloe condition she bequeathed to two 50-year-old "daughters."Vkladaktrisy the cinema was uvekovechenzvezdoy on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But even after the death of Lana's movies and life are closely intertwined: uzhev next year appears on the screen the film "Stompanato" where the very Lana Ternersygraet Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Johnny - Keanu Reeves.By the way, according to Sharon Stounigrat role of Lana was exactly it, because the actress bequeathed it to her.

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