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Shakira: interview

- And when you feel: all, I'm a star?
- better to say, I felt that I had to write songs just going to turn them to the show, a feast for themselves and for the audience.In 15 years, my mother and I moved to the capital of Colombia, Bagot.There I participated in competitions, starred in the TV series and realized that the TV - it's not for me.By this time I had heard of English bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Nirvana.And I decided to make their music more rigid.Among Sony took this with understanding and released my album "Barefoot" (Pies Descalzos).He has sold over five million copies, it was great!

- Do you sing in Spanish?
- Of course.And in Portuguese.But I was very well received, for example, in Turkey, in France, in Canada.If the public does not even understand the words, she felt the energy, emotions, and this is most important.

- But for success in the United States need English?
- Of course, I taught English in the studio, during operation.In the late '90s in the US boom of Latin

music and Latin American culture.I was lucky that I understood in any language.

- Your success is striking;I think you have time to everywhere.What is a typical day of Shakira?
- I have long been no ordinary days.Only sometimes, when I'm home in the Bahamas.There I can play with my dogs, to water flowers, read a book.And then again starts a madhouse: rehearsal, recording, concerts, travel, interviews ...

- You like to control everything?
- Perhaps, yes.I'm a perfectionist, I like discipline.But I try to enjoy what I'm doing - otherwise everything will collapse.

- There are legends about your friendship with Marquez.Why do you refused to appear in the film of his book "Love in the Time of Cholera"?
- Gabriel Marquez - the pride of my country, parents love his books.I remember when my mother read "One Hundred Years of Solitude," she noted on a piece of all the characters, not to be confused.The fact that he drew attention to me and speaks so wonderful for me - it is an honor, really.But the film takes not Marquez.When I read the script and saw that I had to undress in the shot - I chickened out.I can not imagine how my father will see it.

- Yeah, but on stage he saw you?
- Saw.There I sing and dance.Yes, it's sexy, but to dance and there.A striptease - it's not for me.

- Your girlfriend Beyonce pulled long, but still married.About your relationship with Antonio de la Rua goes mass of conflicting rumors.Are you married?
- Who would not say that we love each other.In life there is nothing more important than love.And I'm not saying that at first made a career dashed off through the world with concerts, earn all the money, and then I'll think about the family.No.We just need to mature.And then we get married.

- What is your dream wedding?
- Make sure the white dress (laughs) and the ceremony somewhere in the beautiful seashore.Probably so.

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